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Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2013

midnight forays in a bathrobe and slippers in the pissing down rain to pee in a plastic closet out in the driveway... totally sucks.
just so ya know.

back to work today, yay!..lately I have not been enjoying my days off anyway.

luke is a great big food baby...last night the whole time I was covering daphne so she can eat what little roast chicken she does in peace..he is moaning, groaning, desperately poking at me to have some too please. I gave him some, it did not help..he just wanted more. if that dog wasnt so fat, you would think he was starving to death.

odies left over surgical wound is healing slowly, the switch in antibiotics has helped kick start it again. should be fully healed in the next couple of weeks. I bet erin will be glad to be done with the daily showers even tho odie is being really good for them.

owen is happier without teddy sharing his space...he is up and about more and eats better too. teddy is doing ok in the computer room but tess is a bit perplexed that he insists on sharing her bed, she would prefer he slept elsewhere. teddy most definitely does have canned food issues so he is being fed in a supervised corner and bowls are picked up as soon as everyone is done.

tigger got into an altercation with odie..I think he fell off the counter on top of odie which pissed odie off. tigger was scared but no damage was done and he is back in the kitchen again so apparently the incident was not frightening enough to keep him out. since Sylvester was an utter computer room failure...I am thinking tigger might be a good match for the computer room. I am just too lazy to pull him in here and actually find out. I will just think about it for now.

we are starting trial shifts again for a possible new employee out in the barn. hope it works out.

I guess it is time to get dressed and get the heck out of Dodge. the real non rescue world is so much more predictable AND has indoor flushing toilets too!


Barbara DeMott

Pee in a cut off gallon milk jug and dump it in the morning. We have had to do that for various reasons. Not too bad really.


your post the other day about those SAINTS who have recently gone on brought back what for me is the absolutely gut-wrenching story of little Liam's altogether too short and pitiful life. I don't know how you hold it all together, Carol, faced so frequently with such unmitigated cruelty and its resulting sadness. I can only say for the umpteenth time Kudos to you for your unbelievable strength, as I would have been reduced to a catatonic heap in the corner of a darkened room a very, very long time ago. that strength of yours which enables you to give so much to these animals is truly remarkable