Rescue Journal

what people do not understand about me is this...

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2013

young children, animals, the elders of any species...are vulnerable. they are all powerless against the swelling tide of humanity..of nature...sometimes of life. but their powerlessness is born not of any lack in themselves, it is born of a lack in society and how we view those who are not yet ready or are past the point of being produce. the young are so innocent...the elderly so wise...animals live in a whole different world but all are vulnerable in the current view of society's value of life. faith in the futures to come, or understanding alien animal lives or valuing the pasts that have been..demand the respectful and thoughtful care of those of us securely in the middle of the power of the human living spectrum.

and for us..the human inbetweeners..hard times or challenges tho we may face...we have the strength and power within us to make choices, to weather storms, to move least until we too reach extreme old age. and so my respect for us is born in the knowledge that we are currently strong enough and hale enough to captain our own ships. with this respect for us and our abilities to eventually succeed...I do not enable. I will give almost anyone a chance to move towards a more satisfactory life. I do this by opening a a helping hand, to information, to options, to possibility, to purpose, to faith that people can be all they can be if given a chance. but I will not carry anyone who is able to walk, I will not spoon feed the able. I do not babysit and selfishly, I do not waste my time. once the door is open..i am off again to do my own stuff that I need to take care of so I can move forward in my own chosen life. I have my own times of spinning my wheels, of getting caught up in running pointless circles in life. and I have my own open doors that I am looking for and sometimes cannot find.
I have my own focus and mission in life.

what we decide to do at any open door before us is ultimately our own choice. and for me..this is respect in ourselves and a natural trust in the inherent potential of possibility in all of us...until proven otherwise.



hi carly..due to CFIA regulations and periodic outbreaks of avian flu...chicken food and bedding should not be transferred from one property to another. probably best just to toss it out. but thx for the offer.


Question....our 3 chickens recently passed away.We got a container full of chicken feed,and a big bin full of straw. Can we donate it to you guys?