Rescue Journal

part 2

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2013

anyway..carrying along with last nights post as a preclude...

to me it is disrespectful to treat fully functioning adults like they are weak little frail morons unable to cope or grasp reality without long song and dances, continual cajoling and sugar coating stuff to make it sound warm, comfortable and palatable.

as an example..when I go see a client who has been falling a lot and has a walker gathering dust in a corner because of their pride. I just tell them outright, blunt and clear..the walker is not your is a tool to give you independence and to keep you home and safe. the last thing you need right now is a broken hip. use the walker... be smart, be safe.
9 times out of 10, they get it. and what is interesting is..they do not get mad at me or think I am mean. they actually like and trust me because I care enough about them to speak clearly and honestly so they know the risks and don't misunderstand. the saints world where we think we or the animals are immortal and nothing bad ever happens and everything should be fuzzy and nice...if I run into someone and bluntly say..."the cat door was left unlocked and if one of the cats got out and in with the mastiffs, that cat would be dead"...people sometimes take offense to this because I made them feel stupid or bad. and this is where I run into trouble because I do not understand why these kind of truths need to be wrapped up in pretty paper to make them easier to accept. I am not saying anyone is a bad person..i am simply saying pay attention and lock the door so we don't have a dead cat.

I do not get the 20th century political feel good speak that is wide open to various interpretations and misunderstandings because it is easier or nicer to hear. i like to be clear..this is exactly how it is and these are the very real risks of consequences here.
I believe most folks are big enough and smart enough and strong enough to hear the plain simple truth and not crumble under the weight of it. i respectfully believe we have the ability to accept and deal with a simple truth, adjust and move on.



hah haven't seen me up close recently..the straight jacket is on order!


On the bright side, you've only shifted slightly on the sanity scale in the 30 years I've known still have a ways to go yet :)


well tact has admittedly never been my one of my stronger points, esp. when I am stressed. I do the best I can with what I have. and I never promised anyone I would be anywhere even close to perfect..i just promised I would give everything I do have to take good care of these animals.
maybe the rest will come as I grow older and wiser, but right now I am just too deep into trying to survive here with some semblance of sanity attached.


Your clients won't get mad at you, because you're telling them the potential consequences of their actions as it affects only themselves; no guilt involved for them.

Most people need criticism from an "authority figure" buffered and delivered privately with a degree of tact to preserve their dignity and goodwill. Just saying. I don't think it has anything with political correctness.