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the sun will come out tomorrow...

Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2013

it is sometimes hard not to get discouraged in rescue when the going gets tough..esp. when the tough stuff seems to be coming in waves.
sometimes i think the animals themselves are the easy is all of the other things..septics, washers, roofs, money/bills, politics, personalities that really wears you thin.

luke and gerty have been rough housing and playing on the bed together every night for up to an hour before they settle to sleep. it is pretty darn cute watching them having so much fun. yet i do not share that with you right now because i don't think of it when i sit down to blog...i am thinking about everything else that is going wrong.

so i may be giving you guys a birds eye view of rescue but it is the limited view that i can't get my eyes off right now. i am tired and down about all of the mind boggling crap going on..the animals are still here. the animals are still my primary importance, the animals still bring joy to this world every single day. i am just unable to share it all right now because my mind is so full of the worrisome parts of each day.

i said before that if we as people in rescue, know every single answer, then our cup is too full to learn anything new. well the same is true for general life in rescue..if my cup is too full of stress and unhappiness, then there is not much room left to share the cute or funny or joyful parts with you.

at some point the septic will be replaced, the roof will be fixed, the washer again will not leak. we will find that very special person to join our ranks in our paid staff team. the xmas donations will come in and we will pay off our vet accounts with them and life will continue to go on.

there is no doubt that recent months have presented really difficult pills to swallow and some of them are still stuck in my throat. but i do know that this will all eventually pass and life will once again go back to normal around here. i expect crises, i expect things to go wrong, i expect unhappy things to happen outside of my control.

it is just hard when one falls on the heels of another and the back up seems to growing bigger. it is hard when we have to juggle and twist ourselves into pretzels just to meet the newest challenge and deal with whatever it is.,,esp. when we are still reeling from other stuff first.

the sun will come out tomorrow..well maybe not tomorrow ..but hopefully in the next few weeks and i will again share some of the joy that these animals bring.....maybe once i am done portapottying!



its because we have 2 tanks that are in the back yard, one in the riding ring..double tank sucking whammy.

Chris T

Holy! That is expensive Carol. The most we ever paid was $250. Our company did it for free as they were getting all the other work. Worth a try anyway!


we have already had the tanks sucked out twice chris...$600 a pop...can't afford to keep doing it but thx, it was worth a shot.


Found a program for the mac (free) to do what you were looking for for PDF files

Chris T

When our septic field died and we were being connected to the street, the company doing it kept our tank pumped out so we could at least use the toilets. There were 4 of us here at the time and so they did it about once every 5 days. The only water that went down was from the toilets. Maybe see if they will do that for you so that you don't have to use the portapotty. Everyone else can use the portapotty. It is worth a shot!


she is sort of ok...had a bad night last night and her chest was filling up and interfering with her breathing again. I gave her a double dose of the Lasix and she goes back into the vets tomorrow morning for drop off and re-check.

I guess she is still sitting on the fence..hope she soon jmps off on to the I feel good side again.


The sun is out (at least in Surrey) and hopefully out your way too. I just have to ask, how is Daphne.