Rescue Journal

the damn septic and other things

Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2013

crazy busy day at work.

daph is home...she has gained a tiny bit of weight, her xrays were slightly better. so we continue on as we have been and back in for a recheck and re-xray next week.
I booked angel in for the same day too as she still needs another blood sugar curve to check her new dose.

luke is harassing angel, bambi is stealing her bed..this is not good. I am thinking of trialling her with owen or at the very least kicking luke out of my room. I wonder if jake and luke would kill each other over food..i wonder if it is worth risking a double beagle death??

so we are trying to come up with a workable laundry plan. I came home at lunch and the staff hauled it out to my car but then along came Maggie the laundry fairy and took it all (thank god cuz I was holy crap busy today!). the thing is we can't dump all of saints daily laundry on one person for the next month so I told maggie she can't come get it every will wreck her machine. I am thinking of paying a staff person to take down 2 or 3 loads to the laundrymat each day. it would be workable if we can keep the volume down..hard tho because of the number of incontinents here right now.
this whole septic thing is such a total drag.

I was approved today for a $30,000 line of credit (who in their right mind approved me for more debt??) this is my back up plan because even tho we THINK we have funding for the septic...we do not actually HAVE funding for the septic until the money shows up in the bank. shit happens, you just never know..people forget or change their minds, stock markets crash, illness and disasters strike...and I am not taking any chances that the portapotty will stay in my driveway one more day then absolutely necessary. I firmly believe in back up plans, especially recently since murphy's law moved into saintsland.
number one rule in rescue...always have a back up plan..even if it freaking hurts.

I talked to the vet about roxy...aka crazy horse...aka T-REX... she has big time bitten at least 6 people since her arrival. if she even weighed 2o pounds..i know we could not manage her nastiness 6 pounds we are not managing it very well either. the vet said she sounds like she is territorial fear aggressive and meds don't really work very well for this. I wonder if a lobotomy would? anyway..i can't let her keep charging across the bed and room and biting people so I better do something. I think we will just have to religiously put her in her pen whenever there is anyone around that she might bite. she is such a giant miniscule pain in the ass.
the dog is like a black and tan pissed off hornet...sometimes just plain freaking mean.

the staff moved chance back over to the house. we are having quality of life discussions about him. I want him nearer to me so I can easily spend more time with him and I guess I will think about this and see.

I so wish I could have a hot bath tonight but sadly no nice soaking in a tub for me.
damn septic.



i thought the laundry was being cut way down. nothing on floors and beds. how much can there be. i dont mind comi ng up a couple times a week and taking it home. is anyone willing to do a laundry plan or pick a day to do it. please blog if you can. i know i took a shitload home on sat and sun brenda and carla took laundry home does that just leave me and maggie during the week. thats fine if maggie gets hold of me and we can work this out.