Rescue Journal

promises to chance

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2013

I bathed chance when I got home...he had been rolling around in poop again. it was a nice bath...I filled it up to his shoulders, held him steady and let him just soak in a nice deep warm that felt good right down deep to his bones. he is currently on the karunda bed on a thick blanket in front of the fire while he finishes drying off so he doesn't get chilled. he is rolling a bit and chatting at me a bit, looking around and interested.

so I am thinking..this is as good as it gets for my little Mongolian monster friend. there is not much more that we can do to give him some comfort and joy in this world. his spine is twisting, his immobility is increasing..he is a powerless victim fully dependent on us for every single positive or negative moment of his current life.

I get is not really fair....time to do something about chance.

squirt is home from the vet...he went yesterday for his shave down and checkup, and came home today minus 20 of his teeth.

that's a pretty brutal dental, but he needed it and better to get all of the utter terror for him done in one single shot instead of drawing it out by making him come home and then go back in. he will feel much better in a couple of days. poor little was so hard for him not to be in his kitchen with people he trusts but he is once again safe at home.

well...chance has gone back to bed and is contentedly sleeping now. I will call the vets in the morning to book an appointment on my next day off. until then I promise warm, deep soaks in a tub and lounging in front of the fire every night as soon as I get home.


tannis kokotilo

carol i can;t thank you enough for taking CHANCE ON CHANCE in when i rescued him from a bad situation and you heard my plea.. and said yes bring him to saints.. when you were so full..chance out lived my own two poms.. shows me how much love you gave him.. i know he was fosterd out for a year and she tried to.. i have been following .. carol thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving that little man.. thank you.. chance thanks you.. i am balling right now.. because of chance i have been involved indog rescue .. i since met chance adopted five rescue poms and pomx.. chance was a hard case for me.. but you took him on.. i wish you were my mom!!! thanks for loving that little man!


Like Brenda and Shawn, I love that little guy. I give him a "spa" treatment when I am there - nice warm bath, massage his skin with the rubber brush, then a good dry and roll around on the ground. I love his little howls when the alarm at the driveway goes off and how he gets excited when he recognizes certain people. I too see him getting more immobile and worry about how much pain he is in.

Brenda Mc

Chance does love to be cuddled and I enjoy giving him his bath every Sunday - those litle cooing noises he makes when you're rubbing him all over with a towel and blowdryer, and those sweet eyes looking up at you....but I am also concerned about the stiffness, and how much pain he really is in at certain times, and I worry and hope that I am not contributing to it sometimes by my maneuvering of him. I just don't know....
and poor little Squirt....he must be so relieved to be home again - cuddled up with Odie or Benny. I can still see him sleeping on Benny's back last week - like on top of Mt. Everest.


I am going to take a moment to say something about Chancey Pants. He is one of the dogs that drew me Saints to volunteer. I love taking him for stroller walks and listening to his chatter as we go, his love for baths and cuddles in a towel when watching a movie, his eyes that lit up when you came in to see him. He is such a sweetheart. I just wanted to share my thoughts about Chance who I adore I love the Mongolian monster what can I say?