Rescue Journal

frustrating morning

Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2013

I think the last time my rescue life was this horrible was when we moved from the old site to here..reno's at the new site, trying to move and clean up the old site with a bad case of pneumonia...I still remember the utter horror of it all.

not sure in comparison between then and now, which I will vote as the worst...might be a toss up.

so sure I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and yes maybe just one week more but we still need to survive the next week.

not looking forward to it at all because everything around here right now is just so freaking hard and I do not want to do another week of it.

next life no freaking rescue...I want a normal life with a normal home on city sewer and water water... messed up animals are all on their own.


Brenda Mc

Lynne: I sent you an email - I have a cold/flu that has knocked me down good - and I can't come to SAINTS. I hope you can help out tomorrow - I know Carla would appreciate it, and I would feel better knowing someone else is there. If not, maybe someone else can come for a few hours?? Sorry, it just hit me last night out of the blue! - and I really wanted to spend some time with Chance too.
Erin; great news for CC - she's a lucky girl landing in your heart.


I keep dreaming about the place...and it always shows me things are going to be great.Sometimes my friends 2 geldings show up in that dream.One of who is really a rescue :) Things will get better there Carol :)

shelagh f

will be up Monday with canned food and apples. The
work to get the septic system in will be disruptive
to say the least for the animals.
Is there anything extra, besides laundry you will need
done in the next few weeks while this is going on?
Just put the word out and I'm sure help will arrive.
Anything to pick up,(Ativan, perhaps) or anyone to take somewhere?

Can do laundry Monday at the laundramat, give someone
else a day off from that