Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2013 is starting to stink around here, both house and mp building. it is not anyone's is because we are so stingy with changing the linens and beds by current necessity. but gawd! I cannot wait for that septic to be done and things can get back to normal. it will most likely take a few really deep cleaning sweeps thru each area to catch and get out all of the smell but I am off on Monday and Tuesday next week so I can deep clean and run a ton of laundry thru to catch us back up.

our new sick dog at the vets is not doing well...his name is buddy and he is a small hairy mop thing. he was left too long without seeing a vet and it may be too late to do anything for him. I will pop over to the clinic tomorrow to see him.

also daph and angel go in tomorrow for their re-checks..i think they are both on the road to recovery now. hopefully this will be the final recheck for them for the next little while because both of them get really upset having to go into the vets.

I need to make appointments for new cat daisy, new dog Bernie (aka was bumble bee but that was a dumbo name that yours truly came up with!) gary needs a check up and luke needs to go in for his first assessment too...hopefully we can get them all in over the next week or so....also riley needs a dental check and I think owen needs a good overall health check. we well get these guys thru and then see who needs what next.

well..I better go give chance is warm soaking tub-spa treat.



daisy already has an appt tues (renee thats the new cat we talked about, shes going in at 11:30 with crash)to see colleen


Carol, if you want I can book everyone in when I go to the vets on Tuesday.