Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 27, 2013

apparently it was a bit of a crappy work day at saints. the excavators took out both the water and power lines while digging the trenches...ooops, bet that sucked big time for everyone here. luckily I was at must have been bad cuz erin told me not to come home at lunch...must of been afraid it would have done me in.

and wouldn't you know it the camera repair person showed up to repair the cameras while the power was out, and he had driven out from vancouver...he had to hang around for quite awhile before he could get started...hence the $75/hr= $500 bill..ouch. oh well..the cameras are working so I can see the horses again. I guess that is the actual important part of that bill.

you know...the cats are nutz. for no apparent reason, one of them suddenly decides they are moving into a different area of the house.

after a couple of years, cindy moved to the kitchen a few months ago, then she was followed by tigger. mac has decided he wants to now live in the computer room (but I won't let him because I caught him taking swipes at conan the barbarian) and when I got home tonight..cocoa is sleeping in owens bed in the laundry room....are you kidding me? cocoa is a shy little scaredy three years he has never come out of the back cat rooms and overnight he decides he is now a laundry room cat?!

teddy is an idiot plus tonight, he has horrid smelling gas. benny is laying in front of the food bowl snarling at teddy who is slowly closing in. does teddy take the very obvious hint that someone might be thinking of murdering him? no..he just keeps slowly moving in. he is pretty damn lucky that benny is all snarl and never any bite but teddy doesn't know that so I think he is pretty damn dumb.

angel's bloodwork is back...her liver issues are worse. we will start her on a couple of different antibiotics and hope it is not an underlying cancer.

2 new dogs coming in...shep arrives tomorrow. he is a 12 yr old shepx from the spca. they have done the dental, put him on pain meds for his arthritis and some other things but he is not perking up, he pretty much just sleeps all day long and he has no interest from anyone in adopting him. I had talked to them several weeks ago and offered if after tuning him up, he still couldn't find a home, we would be willing to take him in and so now he is coming in.

its really too bad that folks on the whole just do not want to adopt an old, worn out shepherd cross. I hear he is a really nice old dog.

the other is a maybe...she is a senior blind/deaf cruelty seizure but her holding time is not up yet. we will see about her maybe sometime next week.

andy goes in tomorrow for his big dental. I have to remember to sedate him around 0630..poor andy, it will be a very big scary day.

I think that is it for todays updates.



Maybe the excavators could reduce their bill by $75 x a couple of hours since they accidentally caused the delay?


Its unfortunate that the cameras did not come with some sort of warranty. $75.00 an hour. WOW.