Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2013

1. the fencing party for 0830 sunday morning is cancelled..the posts are not pounded in yet.

2. the back yard is off limits to every human AND animal. no access back there for any reason..not even just to take a quick short cut out to the barn or to just peek at the devastation. I have bolted both chain link gates so they do not open. also NO animals are to be in the upper field at any time.

3. any human who needs to access the barn areas will have to use the main gate only by the memorial garden.

4. the dogs will not be able to go to the barn or the lower field...all of them will have to hang out in the house and dog yard. IF there are dogs loose in the front yard..please somebody stand by and guard the gate while they are out..i don't want to lose anyone out the front gate.

5. dogs will only be able to go for walks on leashes out and back in the front gate.

6.the house has running water and full plumbing..ok to use the sink again and run the washing machine. BUT the SHOP does NOT have plumbing yet so DO NOT RUN ANY WATER IN THERE OR PUT ANYTHING DOWN THE SINK.

7. I have not looked out into the driveway by the memorial garden because it was dark when I got home.... but I can see a big hole at the end of the walk between the two buildings so everyone PLEASE VERY CAREFUL WHERE YOU WALK..the entire property has been dug up in various places and I havent been here during the daylight so I don't know all of the places.... I don't want anyone to get hurt.

8. mo knows how and where and when regarding the barn guys...please check everything with her first.

all of saints is currently in complete turmoil and upheaval so everyone needs to be really super careful and cautious, really think things thru so no one gets hurt.

if anything here is not quite clear or seems confusing or I forgot something altogether, please let me know so I can clarify.

oh and I am on the early shift sat/sun so I will be gone from here by 6 am....totally freaking me out to leave here when everything is torn apart.



It is also very muddy...Mo maybe check lower field before letting horses down. Don't want anyone to get hurt.


we can't really cancel tours because we have no way to notify anyone planning on coming in advance and some folks travel quite a distance. but the tour route will have to be adjusted to avoid the dug up, out of bound areas. maybe come a few minutes early and plan out the best and safest new route to take between areas depending on what big holes are where.


you cannot DUMP or run water down the drains in the shop, if you are really careful you can probably get water from the shop as long as it does not overflow the container and run down the drains. and yes you can wash mp dishes in the house. also...remember there is a sink with cold running water outside in the mp buildings little yard..that is most likely the easiest and safest place to get water from.


Can we wash MP building bowls/dishes and get necessary water from the house on the weekend then?