Rescue Journal

dear daphne

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2013

I know you were pissed at me this hello kiss, you turned your nose up at the special treat I brought, you wouldn't even turn your head to look at me. I could see by the way you were sitting that you were totally fed up with vet clinics, ultrasounds, xrays, needles being stuck into your chest and I was to blame. you knew my job on this earth was to keep you happy and safe and you felt I was doing a pretty shitty job of it lately.
I felt so bad to see you so mad and I would do anything to see you happy again.

anyway..i just want to tell you how very much I love you and how much joy you have brought into my life. you brought the very best out of me, the softy, the sappy, the laughter, the joy.
I have never before shared a three way deep love of a dog. jenn was the first you loved, she made every day exciting and fun. ko brought you a mothers love, she carried you when you were tired, she kept you warm and dry when you were wet. and I loved you with all of my heart as my very best friend.

you are probably even more pissed at me once you realized that last injection turned off your life forever. but daphne I did it because I loved you, I couldn't watch you continue to struggle to get enough air in, I couldn't keep abandoning you every week at the vets when I know how much you hated it. i couldn't let you get sicker and sicker when there was not any hope left.
I wanted you to once again be joyful and free and not dreading what each day would bring. i wanted you to be free of the unhappy things that were stealing you away from me.

i just want you to know that i love you baby and today was my final gift of loving to you.
rest in peace sweet, sweet girl, i will forever miss holding you.

photo mydaph.jpg



How much joy there is when she is present.

How much sadness there is when she isn't.

Thanks for your contributions, Daphne; you are missed.

So very sorry Carol and all those who loved her.

Carol Ann

So sorry Carol. To meet Daphne was to love her. She was a very special girl. RIP little lady.

Carol McGrath

I never had the honour and pleasure of meeting Daphne, but her picture shows that she was full of heart and love. I know that nothing can ease your sorrow, but you loved her and cared for her, and you know that she loved you back, right to the very end.

Kevin B

Sorry to hear about Daphne, at least she got to spend her last days in a loving environment with people that cared for her deeply.

Bunny Horne

Carol & Jenn, so very very sorry. I know your hearts are breaking because my heart is hurting too. Anyone that met Daphne knew immediately that this was ONE SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL. She brought so much JOY to everyone. 2013 has been one brutal year. Please let it be over. Too many precious losses this year.

Debra now in Malaysia

This brought tears to my eyes. So sad carol. But I think daphne was not angry or upset with you. She's off to another happy place.
Rip sweet girl


Ooooh Carol, my heart is breaking for you. I wish there were words to heal the heart. Rest in peace little one...


Daphne was an amazing dog. I am so sorry for your loss Carol, and everyone who loved her. She definitely left an impression on many people. I know, I will never forget her.


I'm so very sorry for your loss, gosh, such a tough day for you. You could feel the great love and affection you had for Daphne and she for you, by your writings. It's obvious she will always have a special place in your heart.

Janice ter Borg

I am so sorry, Carol. But I don't think Daphne was pissed at you when she was given the last injection - she was at peace, knowing you were helping stop her pain and suffering. Hugs to you, Carol.


So sorry mom - such a tough loss. I am really going to miss her too ... but I am grateful that I knew her. You gave Daphne the home of her dreams for three and a half years. You saved her from death row. She was the reason I get involved with SAINTS and started coming up every weekend.


what a huge loss for you Carol…big hug to you. the whole Saints extended family will miss our little diva girl…..Daph worked her way into many hearts and also many photos….she was very photogenic! She always made me smile when she would run with her butt off to the side….Daph was the best ball chaser…she will be greatly missed….


So sorry to hear this. Daphne was such a sweet dog and I know how much you will miss her. A lot of people will miss seeing the happy little dog around. Such loss this year.


Through tears and a very heavy heart I write this to you Carol and Jenn and all those that loved her. I am so sorry for the loss of Daphne today. Daphne was little, but she had the biggest heart in the world. I will miss our saturday and sunday cuddles on the morning walks,listening and watching her run, tummy rubs in the memorial garden with her little turtle legs in the air. She was a very special girl. Rest in peace little one.


So sorry for your loss Carol. Daphne was more than just a little dog.....

Lenore Henry

Our sincere condolences to you at this time Carol.

Lenore and Owen Henry


So sorry Carol what a sad day, big hugs to you & Jenn, sweet dreams Daphne you were a little sweetie.


Carol, Jenn and all of the people who loved Daphne I am so sorry for your very sad loss. I am partial to the doxies and have always enjoyed hearing about Daph. Rest in Peace dear Daphne. So very sad reading the news :(


So sorry sad. She was truly a bright light that brought so much laughter to SAINTS. Sweet dreams Daph will be forever in our hearts.


Oh Carol, I'm so sorry to hear about Dephne. We all know how much you loved her. She was such an adorable dog. There are a lot of hurting hearts today at Saints, but I'm sure Daphne understands this was an act of great love. She isn't suffering anymore. Run free and happy sweet girl.

Brenda Mc

Yeah.... What Lynne said so well... Daphne was very special. Such a sad day. - and Carol, you are always the one who has to make the really tough, heartbreaking decisions, and then carry them thru with love. Thanks for your amazing heart.


I'm so so sorry. Rest in peace Daph, you were the sweetest, smartest little girl. Xo


oh my god i can feel all the pain you are carrying. i am so sorry carol and there is nothing to say to make you feel better. you gave that sweet little dog so much happiness and joy. she could not have had a better home than with you. big hug you, jen and k.o. god what a horribly sad ending to such an ugly year. daphne was very sweet and is going to be missed terribly by everyone. rip little girl. no more pain for you, just those you left behind.