Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2013

it was not a very good night. daph had a hard time and was up and down, quite unsettled with her breathing and peeing (I doubled her Lasix.) oh god. I am going to have to have the talk with the vet today. and I think I know what he will say.

owen had diarrhea and then walked thru it, and thru it, and thru it again. what a freaking mess. by the time I found it, he was already asleep on his bed..which badly needs changing..but he was sound asleep so I left him. everything else either got thrown straight into the washer or into the garbage and I washed up the floor as best as I could. when he wakes up this morning I will grab his bed and scrub down the floor more thoroughly and I am pretty damn sure he will need a really good bath too.

the vet was out yesterday on an emergency call to see doc. looks like he is bloating from eating and being shut up. those guys have been shut in for a full week now and our goats are used to being out and active everyday. she gave him some pain and anti-gas meds, and we gave him a second dose at bedtime. we have to get this septic thing done, it is starting to affect the animals well being because none of them can get out and move freely around. the dogs are getting antsy, the goats are getting sick, the horses are getting squirrelly, the cows are really upset. it sucks for everyone and we still have another three or so days to go yet.

daisy is still not eating but she is drinking and she does look a tiny bit brighter and better today. I will call the clinic and get her a convenia injection so she doesn't get a secondary infection while her other meds are doing their thing...prevention is 9/10th of the battles with sick elderly cats. hopefully she will be fully recovered soon.

shep is doing amazingly well here...gosh he is just an incredibly sweet and gentle dog.

I pick up the new little biting thing from the vets today. he is now neutered and had a name change from diablo to darby. the vet thought a devil name for a biting dog just encouraged him to keep being a pain in the ass.

I think that is all of the news so far today.