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another day

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2013

last night sucked. I kept waking up every couple of hours and remembering she was gone.

I thought when Gideon died that a quick, I never saw it coming loss was harder than a slow I know you are heading there death. I thought this because with a slower one, you had a chance to prepare. you know what? it doesn't matter...a loss is a loss and it is sad and it is lonely because someone you loved is no longer there.

whatever, loss sucks.

the new dog is here. darby so far is actually a sweetie...and a little bit needy. I selfishly did not want to deal with him last night. so except for a quick settle and cuddle in the mp room, he was on his own for the night.
I decided to start him out there because I wasn't sure how he would be with our really frail guys in my room. better to start him off wanting and maybe getting more eventually, then to give him it all..find out he is a jerk and then break his heart when I toss him out of my room. poor little pepper's heart is still breaking, he makes me feel guilty whenever I go over to spend time with him. but he was bugging tina and tina is too close to her own end to be worrying about a dick head on the same bed as her.
these are the times that I wish dog's spoke English...listen can be here and get what you want if you play nice. but if you are going to be a dick head, you are going to have to go somewhere else.
oh well..people speak English and they don't get it either...if we rock the happy boat, chances are we will fall out.

anyway....darby thus far seems like a nice dog that maybe was just in the wrong home. we will see who is here when the honeymoon is over and if nice and polite guy is still here, well...maybe I will try him over in my room.

erin said daisy was eating for her yesterday, but I couldn't get her to eat again last night. we are still keeping a really close eye on her until she is better.

orion and Passat are going out on a permenent foster trial later this week. it is a great home but there are other pets so I am not 100% sure that these cats will accept that. won't know til we give it a try I suppose so fingers crossed that they will find happiness there. if not...well...we'll keep their room set up, just how they like it in case they need it again.

first snowfall of the season yesterday..not sure how I feel about that. just glad there wasn't much of it.

I think today will be a no brainer day...I am going to deal with my own laundry baskets filled up with stuff and try to make some sense out of the lack of storage in my room...don't feel much like doing anything else today.


janet nicholson

Carol - we feel your pain - the loss is horrible no matter how much we prepare for it, I guess. Daphne was a very fortunate little dog to have been loved so much - and in the end - you got rid of her pain for her - just as you always promised her - you took good care of her. Bless you.


So hope it works out for Orion & Passat - they are lovely cats, and SO affectionate.


Fingers crossed for Orion & Passat, they have a great support network (friends of their previous owner) who have sent lots of lovely notes on their behalf along with their donations. Hoping this works out for them.
I'll be up later Carol, see you then.