Rescue Journal

good bye...hello

Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2013

so fare thee well to orion and Passat..please be good boys in your new foster home and do not beat up your new brother and sister. and their trial period officially begins.
all fingers and toes are crossed that they will happily be a great fit in their new family.

and saints welcomes our little shop girl who I have a sneaking suspicion, may be carrying some little hungry ones inside her. please not be pregnant.
she is a bit heavy around the middle and horking back tons of food like there is no tomorrow...I feel a bit sick, just watching how much she is stuffing in. she is going to puke again tonight.

anyway..i laid on the floor of her pen (ouch) until she eventually crawled out from under the playpen. we said hello and then she started to eat, and eat, and eat, and eat...are you kidding me? you can fit all of that in???? I have set her up with maximum privacy so she doesn't have to hide under the playpen. once she is settled and not so tense and nervous, I will move her back up to the suite. if she is going to have babies, I want them born in what at least looks and feels like a home without a bunch of animals and people stressing her out.

tonight is the coldest night of the year and thank god at least one sweet little cat is not hungry and freezing her ass off out there.


Lenore Henry

I came across this website this morning. Their goal is to help dogs who are left outside in bad weather conditions, working with the owners "by building and providing dog houses, fence repairs and delivery of straw". It is a wonderful idea for dogs, that are unfortunately left outside 24/7, but I cannot help but wonder how well they are received by some of these dog owners. The name of the organization is Habitat for Hounds Kamloops and they are also on Facebook. The idea is a great one, especially with the weather we are experiencing now.

Carol Ann

Boy did that cat show up in the right place or what. Smart or lucky ? Kevin I love your sense of humor, your comments make me laugh. Thanks.


i really like that you are an avid blog reader/commenter kevin! dont forget to vote in the shelter challenge, purple button up and over there----->

Kevin B

Way to go Carol and Erin, just in time as the windchill is supposed to dip into the neg 20's possibly today. If you see the michelin man and a caped crusader walking around, it's just me and ellie with lots of layers on


lol glenda...can't actually say I put in much effort in any way...she parked herself in the middle of my driveway in plain site, i'd have to have been blind not to see her. I just left a door open for her last night and luckily she took up my offer.
it was a pretty damn easy cat rescue...I REALLY like this cat, cooperation in rescue is always greatly appreciated!


What a lucky girl to have you find her and take so much time and effort to set her up to feel safe!


that was some much needed good news Carol. Check your facebook when you get a chance.