Rescue Journal

granny was euthanized early this evening

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2013

she has been doing the ancient kidney cat slow downhill slide and today she hit the final big bump, crashed and stopped eating. I was going to try to bump her up with some fluids and take her into the vet in the morning but when I went to do it, I knew it wasn't fair. she didn't need me poking her with needles on her last night on earth. I managed to catch the clinic 5 minutes before they closed and they kindly let me bring her in to pass in peace.
granny was a lovely old cat, she was a little bit feisty and would occasionally smack the other cats almost right up to the end. but mostly she was just a sweet gentle girl who really loved people, her very own bed without any other cats in it...and canned food!
rest in peace granny, we will miss you here.
photo granny.jpg



Loved Granny and I will miss her. I remember when she came in from the SPCA. Someone's toss away became one of our cherished jewels.
Debra isn't totally incorrect about her being wet, unfortunately she would pee in her bed and still lay in it.


Granny came to Saints after her people moved away leaving her behind without a care…..thankfully she ended her time at Saints were she was cared for, valued and loved!!


I loved spending time with that sweet girl! She also liked being brushed prior to being shaved. Another R.I.P from me too


rip granny debra i wondered if she droopled on herself a lot with that comments lol