Rescue Journal

the odd ducks

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2013

I had to laugh yesterday when jenn was here...teddy had sightlessly and silently lumbered over to her and was standing with his head against her lower leg, waiting, motionlessly. she was afraid but she slowly and bravely started to scratch his ears, he softly started rumbling like his motor was turning on and then snap,snap,snap..he tried to bite her. as she quickly pulled her hand and leg away from his snapping mouth, she started laughing and said..."he is like a zombie dog!" and I started laughing too because she's right, he totally is!

so all of you zombie I ever have a cool dog for you....TED Z!

little bobbi shop cat is slightly confused. she has been laying in her litter box and peeing and pooping in the soft and comfy, good place to hide/hang out playpen and her litter box is pristine clean. hmm. last night, as I cleaned the playpen all out and placed in fresh comfy towels and fleece, I tried to gently explain the difference to her but I am not sure she quite understood me.

I thought gilbert looked a bit better last night. he was certainly perkier because he pulled the bird cage into his pen and was tossing it around with his head. he also was drinking a bit more from his just plain water bucket so I was happy about that.

if crazy horse does not quit trying to dig out my eye sockets with her freaking sharp talons in the middle of the night...I will either kill her...or end up totally blind. I should get her in to the vets for a nail trim, but quite frankly I am afraid..i can't even fully imagine the chaos involved if our little T REX goes into the vets.

preacher was gone totally weird..i mean way weirder than usual for him. for the past three days I periodically find him laying on the floor with his head shoved into the cupboard under the sink. he just lays there for what seems like hours and then gets up, finds something more or less interesting to do and leaves. a couple of hours later he is back again, doing the same freaking weird thing. I have looked under there...I have peered closely and I don't see or hear anything...makes me wonder if he is hallucinating or something.

whatever, how that cat's brain works is far beyond me and I better get ready for work and quit procrastinating while pondering the in and outs of the odd little ducks living with me.


another Doreen

Maybe put some of her poop (and pee if you can get it) in the litter box in the playpen so she realizes that it's okay to use it for a bathroom?


too funny...well obviously our little talk did not resolve the issue. that's fine...I will take the litter out of that box and put in a nice soft sleeping blanket for her and then I will put a hoodless litter box up in the playpen for her to use. she apparently has figured out what works best for her so I should just go along with it as much as I can and try to set her stuff up the way she thinks it should be.

in the feline rescue is much easier for all concerned if we just accept that cats are always right.


Maybe if you take the lid of Bobbi's litter box, it won't be a good 'hidey' place for her, and she'll quit sleeping in there? She was doing that again today (sleeping in the litter box).

shelagh f

maybe you need to try a couple of litter boxes.
My little sand pile is gone but maybe some other
litter might work and then once she does start to
use it don't make it 100% clean so she will still
smell it. I'm sure you know all that but she might
not like the texture on her feet. I will be out this
week and bring some other litter and see, if the problem
has been resolved I'll just bring it home again

another Doreen

Poor little Bobbi, I wonder if she was homeless for so long that she's used to sleeping on dirt under bushes, etc?
And I wonder if Preacher is hearing different crackling noises in the pipes since the freezing cold weather hit?
At least it isn't as windy today - yet.