Rescue Journal

that noisy new dog...

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2013

has taken over my bed. he is dead to the world sound asleep and doesn't care right now if I am there or not.
crazy horse tried to hamstring him from behind (geezuz roxy, grab a freaking brain and don't bite the pitbull!) anyway...that got her into big trouble with me, so she decided to sleep right up next to him to show me she was a good roxy. gerty really wanted to slobber down his ear canels but he quietly said no thx to that and she listened like a good girl and curled up to sleep next to him too.

one big freaking sleepy family right in the middle of my bed tonight with no room for me. and by the way... I still feel pretty damn crappy!
sometimes life at saints is so freaking unfair...but at least for now it's quiet I guess.