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If I were to tell you my story...

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2013

it would not be with the words of a half witted child. For I am neither a half wit nor a child, I am a dog and I have lived the life I have lived with some dignity.
I came from a far away place in a shelter with hundreds of dogs. It was not a happy place and many of the dogs never found their way out again. I was one of the lucky ones and was put on a plane and brought to somewhere I had never been before. The first people who had me decided I was not a good dog and to end my life because I sometimes bite people and other dogs. The last dog I bit, bit me back and I lost my eye.
The woman I was staying with did not want me to die so she brought me here, to this place.

I bit Carol right away, as soon as she took me in her arms. I was angry and afraid so I bit her hard. She took me in anyway. I did not like it here, there were too many people and too many dogs that I did not know so I stayed angry and afraid. Carol called me Crazy Horse and laughed at me when I got mad. But she was careful to keep her hands away from me because she knew I could and would protect myself when I was scared. I like her now, she is my friend and I would never bite her again. I still bite other people sometimes because I know that people can sometimes be dangerous to a little dog like me. There are too many people in the world to know which ones are good and which ones are bad and sometimes people lie and say they are good but they do bad things that a dog just cannot understand. I think it is safer not to trust anyone until they prove they are safe for me.

I have a family now. There is Carol, the people I know well who work here and all of the dogs who live with me. Our world is the big bed, this is where happy and safe and nice things happen. I can play with Gertie as long as I play gently. Carol says that Gertie is not very bright and playing rough with her brings out a not nice pup so I play with her softly and quietly and sometimes I just clean her face and eyes. I also really like to run out into the front yard and fence fight with Boomer. Carol gets mad at me when I do this and tells me to knock it off. I am a good dog and so I stop even tho it really is fun!

Carol almost always will hold me close and run her soft hands down my sides. I really like this when she does it but she doesn't do it all the time. Sometimes her hands are busy with the other dogs, sometimes she is sleeping or watching tv. To get her attention I use my foot to get her to notice me. Carol doesn't like it when I do this, she says it hurts. I don't see how my little foot can hurt her great big head but when she says it hurts, I try to do it softer when I do it again.

I have been in many places in my life. Most of them were very scary and I did not like them at all.
Now I have a family that lives in a bedroom. I wouldn't have thought I would like that very much but I do. It is a nice bedroom and a really great big bed. It fits me and Carol and all of our friends. Everyone in this room likes me and I like them.

It has taken me a very long time and many, many frightening miles to reach here. I do not forget the bad days gone past but I believe each day now that my life can be good. Someone loves me even if I sometimes still become afraid and think biting people is better than risking that they might hurt me or take me away again.

My name is Roxy, TRex and Crazy Horse. I have survived. I am a good dog who sometimes bites and I am loved for who I am.

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It's been a long and very dark road but I think I finally found home.


Paula C

Wow, this post made me cry! This could be the story of my little dog, Whisky, who has a similar story and has trouble trusting new people and dogs. He feels the same way as Roxy, I'm sure. Fiona - Whisky does the exact same thing with the chattering after snapping. I've always wondered about it - he definitely looks scared and sorry while doing it. I think he just forgets himself and snaps, then regrets it and waits for the punishment he used to expect in his previous life. Poor puppies....

Lenore Henry

Heartbreaking yet heartwarming at the same time - at least now, she knows what love is.....thanks for the beautifully written piece Carol.

Kevin B

Great story Carol. There is always a reason why an animal has turned out the way they have. It is just a matter of understanding why, learning how to gain their trust and help them to understand that you are there to help not hurt. Even the toughest of creatures can be made whole again given the time, patience and understanding.T Rex may act like shes bigger than life but obviously you have found a way to gain her trust and bring her back down to her actual mini rex size.


Well written Carol. I wish I knew what the animals were thinking when they do things like biting. Precious snaps once in awhile then immediately after she does this chatter thing with her mouth. Almost like she is very afraid after she snaps at us. She never hurts us, doesn't even connect with her teeth and it is becoming less and les soften she does it. Who knows what they have been thru.

janet nicholson

Well written, Carol - Roxy (TRex) has travelled a long and scary journey - and we really can' blame her for biting in fear, can we? So many abused animals - and they can't tell us their stories - so very sad. It is obvious in June's eyes - she has stories of hell - but she knows she is safe now with you and her best friends, Mystic and Boomer. These are the lucky ones.