Rescue Journal

odd balls

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2013

bedtime took a lot out of me..partly because I haven't been very active for the past couple of days and partly because our animals are freaks.

first there was chewie head banging the walls and making these gawd awful sounds which would send any self respecting exorcist scurrying away. summer is in heat and it drives chewie insane. I finally locked him up in a stall all by himself, when I left he was still trying to head butt his way out.

then there was the horses...rudy looked like he was in a mud wrestling match, raven was doing his freaky, I NEED to get into the barn thing, Dixie was doing the ear back, I am going to bite raven thing..only flicka was half way decent tonight.

jake AGAIN made me truck down into the misty wilds of the lower field to retrieve him, boomer was right into walking on (frozen) water, and june was right into the "I love you sooo much" schmooze that overtakes her once in a while.

I have a new plan for scratch..i think Sheila and Leila should adopt him. they already have a pitty named screech...if they adopt scratch they can have a scratch and a screech...come on guys..this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

speaking of..someone has moved over to my bed for the night and is currently calling to me....gotta go. apparently I am needed and have work to do, I don't get to live here for free...they expect decent and timely service from me.



that scratch is adorable yes leila adopt him he is such a good dog what a sweetheart. he is good and funny and very sweet


Sorry I wasn't there (and haven't been) to help you!!!! Soon. Friggen soon