Rescue Journal

way to go super sleuth

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2013

erin traced bobbi's tattoo back to her owner...she has been missing for 8 months. the owner thought she was long dead and gone. he has since moved into an apartment and is not able to take her back so he is fine with us keeping her.
her original name was kibble and there was another cat named "bits" who went missing too (in and out cats esp. in a rural area is so not a good idea!) I wonder if bits is still out there hungry and cold? so heartbreaking if he is. and if he has already died from starvation or the cold...well..more heartbreaking for him.

so how did bobbi survive on her own in the bush for 8 lonely months? it is a testament to her willpower to live.
so many very sad tales of lives lived and lost for no real reason.
so glad you took us up on our offer bobbi and moved safely in.

hug your cat many live and die without anyone to know or care.



oh shit i feel so bad for these poor ones who are lost and somehow the owner cant take them back. i feel the same way you; do penny guess they were not all that special in the first place.


Hey Erin. He's awesome! Love him to pieces and because he showed up at Halloween and being jet black - Salem!! Sad to think maybe there another one out there :(


The story sounds familiar - that's what the original owner of my stray cat said too, that she now lives in a place where she can't have pets, so can't take him back. I'm getting a bit cynical of these people who say there cats got "lost".


No michelle, i think your cat is too young. Poor bits has been missing for over a year (he went missing before kibbles did) and the guy says he was super fluffy, with a tail that looks like it had a pompom on the end, big tuft of hair. He says bits was tattood too but the vet had no record of that, tho they do have his med records. Hows your guy doing anyway? What did you name him?


saints is only a couple of miles by road from her home..if she came thru fields and bush, it is even less.


I'm curious how far Bobbi was from her original home. It strikes me that by who-knows-how, she found SAINTS. Maybe Bits will too.

Good choice Bobbi! Welcome.