Rescue Journal

i feel somewhat human again.

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2013

oh fer gawds sakes...I can still hear chewie periodically head banging and I am in the house and quite far away. that goat is relentless, I bet he has a headache today.

I slept on the couch last night..between the 60 pound, dead to the world bed hog log dog and the very fat, fairly circular beagle jammed up against me right on the edge of the bed, I felt like I was in a straight jacket hanging over a cliff. neither one of those would move voluntarily and pushing them a few inches away was useless because they simply waited a moment and then slid back where they were. it was driving me insane.

I have to say, the couch wasn't bad...I slept better with less interruptions and I had more room to move my legs. still, it is the principle of it all. you would think as the payer of the mortgage of the house they all live in for free, I could at least sleep in my own bed.
apparently not because that is a human sense of fairness. K9's believe that morally...actual personal possession is 99.99% of any truly fair law....the other 0.1% is for the bigger and meaner bed hog.
I am big but I am not to be me.

I think I am finally on the downside of this stomach flu. you know I was sick when it has been 5 days since I last went thru a fast food drive thru. even tho I am better today, I don't think I will risk it yet.

well..i guess I better get dressed, its another day in rescue. I have had several days on the sidelines, time to get back into whatever the heck it is that I actually do.
most days I am not really sure.



I sleep with a SaintXDane and a mastiff...I feel your pain...I was gonna say I'll trump you with the Saints drool problem...but then remembered some of yours leak other bodily I think you win! ;)
Hope you're feelin better!


What's that saying, "Give them an inch and they'll take a yard", or a bed.

Carol were you going to send me a bio and pictures of the beagles so we can get them on Beagle Paws website?