Rescue Journal

last day off...back to work tomorrow.

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2013

it was after dark by the time the barn and mp building were put to bed and the dogs had their last run.
not sure what is up with the little pigs house..i put them to bed and a few minutes later they were out again. so maybe I forgot to lock their door but I doubt it so I put them to bed again and made sure the door was locked. 20 seconds later gracie was back out again. hmmm. the third time I made sure that bolt was shot thru and just to be extra sure I put their bench up against the door too!
I will say it is hard to see exactly what you are doing when the daylight has faded, but tomorrow I will ask kevin to check that bottom door lock.

I swear to god nikki the cocker would eat 100 times a day if she could. she just finished her supper and then was falling over both herself and me to see if there was any more.

I am not sure if I told you but we received a $2000 grant to get electricity into the chicken coops so we don't have to run extension cords across the yard. anyway..the electrician we hired said it won't cost quite as much as that so luckily there is enough left over that we can put floodlights out in the dog yards. cuz there I was again tonight with my trusty flashlight, peering into dark corners, slipping around in the mud, making sure I did not forget one of the little guys outside when I let them all out after dark.

and speaking of mud..i cannot tell you how absolutely it upsets me to even step outside right now. with all of the big excavations for the septic every freaking place that you go...the mud and slop and horror of it all..drives me freaking insane. I cannot wait to get it all fixed up again.

riley is really slowing down. it makes me sad because I can see his time with us is ending. he still goes for the run, but it takes effort now. his appetite is still good, but I watch him and I can see that he is getting tired. he really is a lovely dog.

the funny for the day goes to Brenda and conan the barbarian cat. she was cleaning something and conan decided she needed helping so he turned around and started spraying and just about got Brenda right in the face.
my thoughts on this are...A. conan is named conan the barbarian cat for a reason and B. as wise woman marlo Thomas once said in a child's song..."some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without!"



I just opened everything up yesterday is gorgeous! thank you!!!


Carol, did you ever open up the LIAM rug hook project I put in with your bottle of Bailey's from the barn volunteers?