Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 16, 2013

I surrendered the bed again at 0130 last pm and moved to the couch. I know most of you think that is weird, giving up ones bed to a bunch of old wrecked dogs. but the true fact of the matter is..that bed is theirs..not mine. I just might choose to choose a different without them!

I picked up daphnes ashes today, I have been putting it off. I wanted the real live daphne back, daph as ashes in a jar is just too freaking heartbreaking for me to even contemplate. I brought her into the bedroom, I am not yet ready to do anything more.

roxy is moving into daphnes spot in my arms. I know she really needs me, I know she really wants me, I know that spot is not meant to ever be empty just because I wish it was still full of someone else.

whatever... heartache sucks.

the vet came out to see gilbert today...I have not yet heard what he thought.
the roofers came back and started today, yay the roofs should be done in a couple of days.
lyle will be here on Wednesday to repair the ripped to shit gravel paths and road so that will help a little. it will be spring tho before we can re-seed the grass so over the winter I will have to suck it up and put up with gawd awful mud where the grass is supposed to grow.

the good news is the big stuff is done and soon we can get somewhat back to normal has been a very long haul.



it is heartbreaking daph will always have such a special part of your heart you just keep going and going until there is no going left and for you carol that will never be. i love all my old guys and it is so sad when they pass. i only had blonde buddy for 3 months crap is that all the time he had left. but you do it and you do it again and again no matter what time you have left with them is very special. i had a year with bambi and only 3 months with buddy but the love was there for both of them i grieved as much with buddy as with bambi the time does not matter it is the time spent with them


Carol, there is that new bed in the back cat room. I'm sure the cats would enjoy the company...