Rescue Journal

gatekeeping: the final chapter

Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2013

(I hear those sighs of relief!)

so what does it take to be a rescue gatekeeper...

you might be surprised.

it does not require a saint, hero or a martyr. it does not require any real special talents. good looks, stylish dressing, a PhD, artistic or musical ability is not mandatory (good thing for me!)

it is a simple and basic recipe available in each and every one of us.

the ability to take life with a grain of salt.

the courage to be real.

the willingness to both laugh and cry....a lot.

a finely tuned internal and external antenna.

a good set of proverbial ear plugs.

toss in a pinch of patience, a bit of faith, some good old fashioned common sense, a dollop of real..(not half assed) commitment and mix it all up in an open mind with a deep love and respect for all other species.

soak it with well travelled thoughtful waters

and poof...a new gatekeeper appears.

try is a good, tried and true recipe for rescue and then come and see me cuz I know of a great future gatekeeping opportunity!



Carol you use the word gatekeeper...but I see you and all the wonderful people who work and volunteer at Saints as light keepers.
Bless you all there for being the lights that you are for the animals at Saints