Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2013

2013 is just not going to go out without a final kick in the ass.

the house fridge is dead...everything has thawed and I can smell it grossing up in there.

I was just going to find something to make for dinner and arghh..instead I will have to throw it all away.

and I am hungry now gawd dammit!




I will call matus today kevin..they are always so good to us, they might even be able to deliver today which would be great.

I think using the hot steam to clean in there was a great idea Maggie and another round certainly couldn't hurt.


Thanks Carol, that's the information I needed. My four cats are also senior, and healthy, but as we all know all too well things can change.
I hope using so much steam on the walls and floors went a long way to killing the virus. It may be a good idea for us to do those rooms again in a couple of weeks to knock it on it's head

Kevin B

I can go and pick up a fridge after work if someone has one available. If you need one right away I know Matus sometimes has used appliances on the cheap side, they are already keeping us in mind for any freezers that come by their way.


thx for the offer ali, but I don't think we can go a week without a house fridge. it is not just about is also the need to keep the insulins cyclosporins and cartrophens refrigerated for the animals.


not sure what kind of info you are looking for Maggie...all virus's are spread by direct contact. the simplest and easiest way to prevent contact is the washing of clothes and hands. there is not much vets can do after the fact unless someone actually gets sick.
I would worry less about taking this particular virus home then I would about the possibility of something like ringworm(no we do not have ringworm in here) but ringworm frequently does affect shelter animals because many of them come in off the streets. and ringworm can unknowingly sneak in on anyone so always taking care with good handwashing and changing of clothes is a really good idea for anyone who works in shelters at any time.

you have to understand that we may have a virus embedded here or a chronic asymptomatic carrier cat but the risk is to our new immuno-compromised cats who come to live here who are not only stressed but are elderly, sick with other underlying health issues and subject to prolonged and continued exposure.

if our resident house cats and the cats in the mp building are not getting sick from cross contamination, I highly doubt personal pets will either.


I contracted MRSA when I was in the hospital with my head injury and was in isolation myself (as best as they can isolate in a hospital).

shelagh f

No offence, but I always throw my cloths in the wash
when I get home.


I understand and always take care but my question was Saints and this particular virus. If I need to take my cats for preventative vet care I would appreciate a heads up. Thanks


it is always a good idea to get into the habit of washing your hands and changing your clothes after any visit to any shelter.


If you need a new fridge Sears has a major appliance sale.
Carol, as you know Shelagh and I have deep cleaned the two back cat rooms where you say there is a virus.
Is there a danger we have carried it home on our clothes to our animals?


You should check a few things like

1) the electrical breaker, turn it off, wait a few seconds and then turn it fully on again to reset it
2) the plug.

Hope that is all it is.


My parents just bought a new fridge - do you want the old one? We can pick it up but won't be able to deliver it to you until Sunday if you want it.