Rescue Journal

big thanks to saints staff!!

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2013

new (used) fridge AND stove delivered today..they gave me such an awesome deal, i couldn't resist. i bought a few very basic groceries to replace the half dozen garbage bags full we had to toss away. and i cooked myself dinner tonight (nothing fancy just scrambled eggs and toast) but what a treat, it was so freaking easy to cook a quick dinner with a working stove!

i figured out a cheap and easy way to keep the cats off it...cats hate walking on tin foil so i bought 2 tin foil stove bottom liners and covered up the top of the stove..hah! so far it is working!! i don't know why i did not think of this years ago.

fatty pants Ollie got sent over to the mp room. he has been good, it was just that my room was getting a bit crowded. he is back in my room now. when i went thru to check on everyone, his little fat heart was a breaking.. i just couldn't turn my back on him and walk away. i think we will do the transition more slowly...a few hours over there and then he can come back where he thinks he is home.

i wonder if folks realize how hard it has been here, especially out in the barn areas for the past few weeks. there was sometimes only one person, occasionally two to deal with all of the animals, stuck in all of the wrong places, plus all of the workman, all of the big machinery, all of the deliveries of materials, gilbert up in the shop area, frozen water pipes, shavings and hay deliveries, vets and ferriers coming thru and mud, and mud and mud and then snow and slush everywhere you look. the house has been shorted, the mp building had someone different almost every day, little routine or consistency in trying their damnest to provide everyone care...these past few weeks have really sucked the most for our staff. the weekends always have lots of bodies to share the workload and the weekends thank god did not have to deal with all of the deliveries, vets and workman and big machines romping thru..but 3 or 4 really dedicated weekday people (plus a couple of great intermittent volunteers on the very worst days) did have to deal with it all day after day for several weeks in a row. thank god it was all over last Friday...we can finally try to get back to normal around here.

it was a very long haul!

i think we all owe all of our staff a HUGE THANK YOU for stepping up, getting the work done despite all of the many various obstacles in their way every was not much fun for anyone.

thank you guys, you rock and saints is so lucky to have you all!!


Lenore Henry

Merry Christmas Carol and all the staff and volunteers who work so tirelessly in order to provide a loving home to the lucky ones who make it to SAINTS. You are ALL admired by so many!!


Yes, the Saints staff are AWESOME they give so much care and love all year long…even during the difficult times they bring joy to all the crew. Thanks for making the "house at poo corner" a HOME!!!


Big thank you to SAINTS hard working dedicated staff!!!!!
Merry chritsmas to everyone!!!!!


Here Here !!! .. Or is it Hear Hear !! Whatever it is , Right on for SAINTS Staff , you guys ROCK !!!


HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! To everyone who was there throughout the last few weeks! That had to have been so difficult! Too bad everything had to be done all at the same time.


I think its great that you have your own stove. However what about Tigger and Cindy, they quite enjoyed the bedspace on top. And isn't that where Tigger gets his milk?

Brenda Mc

Absolutely, A big thank you to SAINTS staff for your endurance and patience thru the past months, it's been extremely rough - and Carol, I'm so glad you finally have a working stove- something that everyone else takes for granted everyday. You have given up so much for the animals in your care, and I think that having your own stove is a very small luxury" you deserve. Enjoy!

another Doreen

Yes a huge Thank You and WOW to the SAINTS staff, volunteers and Carol! You really have been working in the trenches for the past couple of months! I don't know how you all did it or survived it!
I hope Santa Claws is very good to all of you - you sure deserve it!