Rescue Journal

oh well

Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2013

I momentarily flirted with a bit of a dream when the fridge died yesterday...maybe this was an opportunity to find a good deal on the pair and finally get a new stove.

yeah no. I still have the stove destroying sprayers around here (conan and tang)...and tigger and cindy have taken over the cat bed on there and will not move without a bunch of protest anyway.

reality sent the dream of cooking a real meal like a normal person back out the window. forget the stove, the time is not right yet...quit dreaming of silly things and just get the fridge which we need.

O freaking K! I will see what I can cheaply find on my lunch break today.

reality sucks.

no real news here, the animals are all doing ok. I was stocking up on sleep this weekend for some reason...I slept a lot on both days. it was nice that the animals joined me in sleeping a lot too...made it easier for me to do.

I did get all of the errands done, we are well stocked up for the barn over the holidays so I shouldn't need to shop again until after new years. I still need to deliver the xmas cards and thank you gifts to the vets and get all of the vet accounts paid off and at zero so we start 2014 with a squeaky clean slate. that always feels really good!

my wish is that 2014 goes just a bit easier on us. hope floats that it does.

and if it doesn't?

oh well.



Matching appliances? What's that. Ha Ha
I bought a new fridge last year cause mine was 22 years old but ready to die. A month later my stove died then a month after that the dishwasher died. None of them match but at least they're the same colour. Hope you and the animals have a merry christmas with no surprises.


Let's hope hope floats and does so by drowning 2013. What a crap year 2013 seems to have been for everyone :-)
Hoping for a good 2014 for everyone!!!