Rescue Journal

riley was euthanized tonight

Carol  ·  Dec. 25, 2013

he has been going down hill for the past several weeks. yesterday one of the masses on his leg broke open and started bleeding. today that leg had massive swelling, from his toes up past his hip and into his groin. he has been on high doses of antibiotics for the past couple of weeks, so i am pretty sure the problem wasn't infection, the cancer most likely had spread into that leg.

i came home today during my break and double dosed him on more tramadol, the morning usual dose wasn't keeping him comfortable so i doubled it at 2pm...300 mgs should have knocked him flat but when i got home tonight, he was still in pain from the leg. i called emerg and loaded him up and took him in.

riley passed very peacefully, he ate some turkey while he was waiting for the meds to take effect.

he really was a very sweet and gentle giant.

love you riley and we will all miss you very much here.

rest in peace good dog.




Riley, although we had spend very little time together, I love you and will miss you. You are a gentle and loving giant.Rest in peace.

wendy scott

Carol, Such sad news . Sorry to hear about Riley and bless you for having given him and Capone a second chance at a home. Will remember my time with them at SPCA -they were two gentle giants . RIP dear Riley!


I will miss my favorite gentle giant on Sunday's...Riley I will miss you and I'm glad I was able to say goodbye and have one last cuddle on your last day.


I'm so happy to have been blessed to have found you again, and to be able to visit with you before you made your exit from this time. Capone will be taken care of and loved deeply by all at S.A.I.N.T.S. RIP Riley, you beautiful, sweet soul.


Riley was called home for Christmas. His sweet soul has been set free and is surrounded only by peace and love.

Heartfelt sympathy to Carol and the other amazing S.A.I.N.T.S volunteers.


I'm so sorry to read your blog about dear Riley and on Christmas Day. RIP dear Riley run free. So sorry to all who knew him, such a sad time for you all xx


RIP lovely boy, I will miss you. SO glad I got to spend time with you every Saturday


So sorry Carol. He was a big, beautiful, gentle boy and we'll all miss him. Poor Capone, he'll miss his best buddy the most.


I'm so sorry for your loss. :(((. That's so sad and will sorely miss trying to steer him away from the cats. Rip Riley were a very sweet gentle giant. You will be missed

Lenore Henry

That is very sad news - so sorry for your loss Carol and to you too Ann - please give Capone an extra big hug from us. RIP Riley - you had a very special home at SAINTS.

Lenore and Owen Henry


So sad I will miss you big guy you were my office buddy......sweet dreams. We'll have to give Capone extra cuddles he'll be so lonely without you! Hugs to you Carol, what a horrid ending to your Christmas day.

janet nicholson

Oh Riley, you should have had so much more time with Carol at S.A.I.N.T.S. So sad - and now poor Capone - what a sad Christmas.