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cooking with carol

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2013

or...on the road to more normal living.

I made myself spaghetti for dinner. I had a small glass of wine (*thank you Johanna!) to go with it and a couple of after 8 dinner mints to finish the nice meal off. it was a good I have 4 frozen containers in the freezer for next time I am too tired to cook.

I love the new (used) fridge and stove! do you know that a full pot of water for the pasta boiled in less than 10 minutes as compared to trying to boil a pot of water on a hot plate which took half an hour and then you still needed another 30 minutes to actually cook the pasta. one hour to make pasta in the past...20 minutes to do it today.

progress is a wonderous thing.

the fridge is still pretty will take time to re-stock it with everything.

cooking a pasta dish used to require a hot plate, an electric fry pan and then a toaster oven if it still needed baking and I could only use one plug at a time or it blew out the electrical panel. cooking was tedious, a lot of work and very time consuming, frustrating, and slow going. no wonder I ate out.

tonights decent dinner was an easy half an hour..i am pretty damn pleased but I am going to have to learn to cook has been almost 5 years since cooking was easy.

happy rescue camper with a pleasantly full tummy tonight...lucky me!



that email address doesnt come to me Jocelyn...will have to wait for Nicole to get it and forward it on.

Jocelyne Monette

Hello Carol -

I just sent you an important email - to

Look forward to your reply!

Many thanks!


Hey Carol, I just wanted to let you know that I will be switching to my Mon/wed/Fri shift on the 6th of January as that is the week I am back to school :) have a nice night and see you tomorrow.