Rescue Journal

happy boxing day ( hope floats)

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2013

I didn't get home from emerg until almost 11 pm last eve..the animals here were pretty frantic..that was a 16 hour day where they only saw me twice very briefly.

I was also 4hrs late on the insulins which totally sucked...good thing I am off for the next two days so I can work towards getting them back on schedule.

I want to thank everyone who gave up part of their christmas day to come and care for our animals..i know it is such a big and special family day to add several hours of hard shelter work to...but the animals and I truly do thank you!!!

I pulled a muscle in my upper back helping riley get into the car. I couldn't get comfortable all cramped up in bed last night so I again slept on the couch...I had more freedom to move but it didn't do much for the ouch in my back.

I want to try to blend capone over into the big dog room...he and june are really good friends and he will be really lonely without riley. I am just concerned because capone does have food issues so I have to decide how and if we can manage that.

it appears 2013 is not done with us yet..such a crappy year...still a few days to go...wonder what's next?



What a tough season this has been for SAINTS. Job well done, Carol. Thanks for being there.

May 2014 be better.