Rescue Journal

so it turned out to be a happy boxing day...

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2013

capone is moved over to the house in luke's spot..this way he can with supervision play with june and the other big dog room guys and be close to me in the evenings. weekend volunteers will have to be really careful tho that he does NOT get out to the barn and the bedroom guys do not get in with him.,..(ie tina trying to squeeze thru house gates and get to the barn to see mo!)

I really need a better gate or door back on the bedroom...I will talk to terry and brent about that.

so you are probably wondering where did we put luke, well....

luke is no longer here.

Heidi came, she is so utterly lonely without trevor. it was down to between luke and nikki the cocker as to who could help fill up the hole in her heart so Heidi took both for a walk. nikki got into her car and refused to get out, then luke got in and made himself at home too so both luke and nikki have moved to Heidi s house as foster dogs cuz quite frankly it will probably take at least two dogs to even partially fill up trevors hole.

they were both so cute, each sitting in both front seats waiting to finally get to go home.

I am really happy with heidi s choice...both of those dogs really, really needed to have a really good home who will love them forever.

now I have plans for the office...going to turn that into a combo office and frail cat room and move marvin, Sidney, wanda and sylvester in there. we are going to need to build a small outside run and I already figured out how to do that cheaply.

the current frail area will become puffs private suite and the aviaries can once again be aviaries once we put them back together which means the birds can finally get out of cages and have real space to stretch their wings.

looks like we will be busy in the new year rearranging things. so many positive changes for quite a few animals simply because Heidi was not afraid to open her heart again and love an old fat cheerful beagle and a senior sweet cocker with really bad ears.

it was a good day today here.



Thank you Heidi for opening up your heart & home so soon after your loss of Trevand 2.awesome!!! You are a very lucky trio :-)

Brenda Mc

Great news for Nikki and Luke - I've never met you Heidi, but thank you for your generous heart - yes, both Luke and Nikki are food obsessed, but sweet dogs; and I hope Nikki settles in soon - (given some time) - and the cats are ok with their new roommates. Yay, one less beagle at feeding time at SAINTS!! Now, who would like to take on Jake and Ollie??


I am so glad that two such deserving dogs found a home! Nikki has been one that is near and dear to my heart...she so wanted a home to call her own. Thank you Heidi and I hope the new additions settle in and you are one big happy family!

heidi wagner

update...all went fairly well, Nikki is anxious and restless but I think she will settle...hoping she will settle. She was so quiet and calm at Saints. She panted for most of the car ride unless I was stroking her ears then that seemed to calm her. She has mostly wondered, paced and panted at the house...I think that we have two stations of cat food for the two cats (they won't/can't share)is a bit of a temptation for her. She is way more food motivated than Luke. Nikki is almost OCD with the food.

The cat that we recently rescued is not too impressed...Go figure...he was amazing with Trev and DD and was not afraid or shy of them at all...he used to lay with Trev. He was sad after DD and is beside himself after Trev...I think that Luke and Nikki are way more active than Trev and DD so he is a little scared of them.I am hoping that once they calm down more then the cat will accept them as his new buddies.
Luke will lay down and nap (thank you lazy beagles) and is not as OCD with the food and is pretty calm here. He hauls his fat little butt up on the couch and sleeps. He also listens and comes when he is called (mostly)...trying to keep both dogs at my end of the house.

They both had a nice walk and were good on leash and with meeting other dogs. They are great with each other.

I am hoping with routine and exercise that Nikki will settle more.

Mom and her torti are not amused...but I think they will grow on them:)

Thanks so much Carol for giving me this opportunity...I very much appreciate it!!

Thanks for the well wishes...

shelagh f

Heidi, I don't know you but I'm sure I would like
you. Two dogs! Nikki is a nice dog and am so
glad she and Luke are home with you


Nikki AND Luke - yay Heidi!! Hope they bring doggy-love back into your life. Awesome for all three of you.


R.I.P Riley. I hope Capone adjusts to life without him. I am sure, with June's help, he will. Also so glad that Heidi was able fall in love with 2 dogs to fill her heart - good on you Luke and Nikki.