Rescue Journal

chance passed very peacefully

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2013


I was a bit worried about it because he can be such a dip stick at the vets but he was a very good boy and everything went smoothly.

we had a nice conversation in the car on the way was the usual things we say to each other. I tell him he is so freaking cute and he makes baby noises back to reinforce his cuteness for me.

there is no doubt that our little Mongolian monster faced many challenges in his life and he was at times a challenge to care for. but I still say he was the very cutest dog I have ever seen and I think he was one of the very most lovable that I have ever known.

I have loved that dog since the moment of his arrival, he cast his spell on me..i don't care that his body was destroyed, I don't care that he sometimes bit people hard, I don't care that there is not a single person on this earth who could get ear and eye meds into him without losing a finger.

there was just something about chance...a spark, a glow, an internal strength, that warmed those that loved him deeply inside.

we love you chance and we are sure going to miss you, rest in peace. you were the BEST little Mongolian monster ever!



Bless him...I have been following him on your blogs and although I never knew him I could tell that he was one very loved little guy at SAINTS. RIP little fella, you will be sorely missed xx

Cam in peace sweet peke, one of my first rescues was toby, a biting, resource guarding, leg lifter. Had him for his senior years. He made me laugh out loud everyday with his inner evil...peke lover forever now. Bye Chance, you were a very lucky boy to have been taken in by SAINTS

Lenore Henry

So sorry Carol for yet another loss - RIP Chance - such a sweet little soul.....

Bunny Horne

RIP Chance. You touched the heart of many in so many different ways. Your broken body is now free.

Brenda Mc

I agree - He WAS the cutest little guy, and had such spirit - even with all his challenges. I will miss him a lot. I looked forward to pampering him a bit on Sundays with his bath, and blowdry, and cuddles. Goodnight sweetheart..... I will always remember you with a smile.


Oh that's so sad, I'm so sorry. It was because of Chance that I discovered SAINTS.....I was in the grocery store flipping through Modern Dog magazine a few years ago and there was an article about the cutest little dog who was paralyzed and rode around in a little stroller. He was absolutely adorable and had such spirit in his wee face. It was Chance and he lived at an amazing place called SAINTS. His story and sweet face will be remembered.


Oh Chance, such a sweet little guy. I loved giving him his spa day - warm bath, rubbing and scratching. I will really miss this little guy - his talking and howling. Seeing his poor little body giving out was so hard. RIP sweet boy.


Oh Carol, so sorry. So many losses of beloved animals this year. Only 4 more days in 2013. Next year just HAS to be better.


Awe my dear boy....I have to agree with Carol that u were the cutest dog. I so remember when u first arrived and Carol & I figured with the two of us doing it we would have no problem getting meds into you....we both wore those meds when u went monster...boy we laughed. Chance you were the sweetest dog whom I loved very much .... You will be missed xo


He always warmed my heart...I will miss you Chancey Pants, thank you for letting me bathe you and cuddle you while we watched movies. I loved our stroller walks when you talked to me and looked at everything around you...RIP sweetheart


I'm sorry for yet another loss Carol. I enjoyed your Mongolian Monster stories....