Rescue Journal

wanda was euthanized today

Carol  ·  Dec. 29, 2013

from what tammy described to me on the phone sounded like maybe she had a stroke. it could also have been that her horrible kidneys finally gave up the ghost. but in any case she stopped eating today and was having trouble moving and sorting herself out. this ancient and frail little cat has been palliative since her arrival here several months ago..i was just waiting until she figured it out.

wanda was a very sweet cat and she was a strong survivalist too. right up until last night she was at me demanding immediate food service...wanda was not one to miss a meal at any time.

rest in peace wanda..your body may have given out but you had a heart as strong as a lion inside.




We can't thank you enough for taking Wanda in. It warms my heart to know this little fighter girl received top-notch, wonderful care during her last few months. Beautiful Wanda, rest in peace.


Sweet Wanda - I loved that little cat. She had so much soul. Glad I had a chance to say goodbye to her today. She was so sick, she didn't even want cuddles. Sleep gently, lovely girl.


This picture doesn't do her justice. She was a lovely striking deep orange colour with the most amazing orangey yellow eyes. Nothing pale or washed out about this kit. Miss ya,Wanda.


She looked identical to a cat my friend had go missing a few years ago.Her name was Ginger and liked to talk alot!

J Koes

i had a brief encounter with her at new west animal shelter and she's probably the most charismatic cat i've met in my life. thanks for making the last months of her life so peaceful! just looking at her picture at the end of your blog (as compared to the one i took back in summer when she was in the shelter — i know she was really happy at SAINTS. rest in peace, beauty.


I noticed she was even having trouble standing today. Your right, she was a sweet little cat