Rescue Journal looks like we made it thru another year.

Carol  ·  Dec. 31, 2013

there were a helluvalotta days that pretty much sucked. one ever said rescue was exactly fun so I guess all in all it was what it was and that is just the way that it is.

still on this very last night of the year, the saints animals are all safely tucked in. no one is hungry, no one is cold, no one suffers pain or unbearable loneliness...everyone tonight is ok.

and despite a royal crappola year, at the very end of it all.... I am ok too.

can't ask for more than least not in rescue.

today on the last day of the year..the bills are all paid, the shelves and bins are all stocked..i even bought new flashlights and batteries for each building and ann told me a single donation came in this morning's mail of $10,000.00 from a very generous and kind hearted woman. wow, I am stunned...that's a really nice safety cushion to start off 2014!

it was a crappy year in many respects, but it was a wonderful year too. so many kind and selfless people, so many amazing animals, so many challenges that we did overcome.

what's that old saying? whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger..well we should be pretty damn strong for this next years go around.

I wish each and everyone who feels connected to saints, near or far away..the very best of all happiest new years. may 2014 bring us all peace, happiness, purposeful fulfillment and the strength to meet the days that do not go all that great.

Happy New Year...I am hoping those bed hogs will let me have enough space on my bed for this last and soon, very first day of the year...if not..i will survive, there is always the couch again...I am blessed.



thankyou; may for the link to this wonderful video it was truly amazing so incredible


WOW.what a true blessing. Thank you soooo much.your generosity will allow Saints to continue to do great things for animals in need.


Happy Happy New Year to everyone..may 2014 bring peace on earth and good will to all animals. It was a great way to start the year..nice day..all went well..fell deeper in love with moreSAINTS residents.


Happy New Year everyone and just to set the record straight(and this was my error) our very generous donor is actually the lady president of a Langley/Vancouver company. I was so excited when I received the cheque I didn't read the information correctly to Carol. Anyway super big thanks to our donor fantastic way to bid farewell to 2013!


Wishing you all peace, health and happiness in 2014. Please enjoy this beautiful video.


Happy New Year, everyone! What a wonderful way to start another year, with such a large and generous donation. Maybe this is an omen that 2014 will be a good year for Saints.


Sam, Leah and I wish everyone connected to Saints, near and far, a very Happy New Year!

janet nicholson

Happy New Year to Carol, the caregivers and especially all the animals - and wow, what a good man to donate such a huge amount of money - he obviously appreciates all the good you do - and please give Carl some of those sweet carrots he likes - that is all he asks for today!

Ellen Nickerson

Happy New Year Fernando and everyone at Saints. Thank you for taking care of all those wonderful animals.


yes happy new years to all the staff, carol, volunteers and all the animals at saints and of course all the donaters to saints. we could not do it without you. i just want to say i was blessed with bambi and blonde buddy this past year who passed away but i have the most incredible and lovely dog from saints that no one wanted. my jelly bean she is such a sweet crazy dog who loves her stuffies and really loves everyone. at the park she is everyones best friend. i could not have been blessed with a kinder sweeter dog than her. thankyou carol for allowing me to have her in my life she is all that a person could want from in an animal. she is lovely. and gives the most incredible kisses she is so such a people person i a m blessed to have her