Rescue Journal

new year day 2

Carol  ·  Jan. 2, 2014

special holiday days are nice and all but I am always glad to get back to the usual days, they are more predictable, easier to plan around and the vet clinics are open.

todays vet run is Ollie and scratch..both just going in for their admission checks and bloodwork. Ollie needs a bit more help with his weight and his skin..i am pretty sure he is a cushings dog but I guess we will see what the bloodwork says.

teddy is being a bit of a weirdo this me, pet me, pet me some more...yeah ok I will pet you but I am not going to keep petting you til you start to get mad and lift your lip...I am not stupid. you are the one who set the petting rules..only pet me a little or I will get mad! today he goes in for his stim testing to see if he does have cushings..I think he does too.

Martha is going home next Thursday.

just before wanda crashed, there was a nice vet tech interested in providing her with a palliative home. she was supposed to be coming out next week to meet wanda. when I called her to let her know wanda had passed, I asked if she might be interested in meeting someone else...she is so I will be introducing her to sylvester. we'll see how that goes.

gilbert had a low day on Monday so kevin called the vets out...he got a couple of more injections..i think one was a steroid. anyway, the vet said his feet look good (for him) and this will be an ongoing problem. he is to stay on the metacam injections 3x a week, and we are to try to keep his weight down. this poor goat has had his lifelong health problems and all of them stem from his first shitty home that didn't take care of him at all. I don't know how many folks remember gilberts original story, he came in with chronic foot rot....but he was seized by the spca because he had a broken leg that his owner was totally ignoring. my only real hope is one day that this person breaks his leg and can't get help with it too..maybe then he will remember of the nicest and sweetest goats in the world.

I forgot to mention a few days ago that jazzy hurt her back again. the staff got her into the vets. she is better. I am just waiting for those new dog play yards to arrive and then we will move her over to the house. I think she needs more contact with me even tho I might prefer less contact with her (cuz the little red headed hag causes trouble!) whatever...I think emotionally she needs more of me so I guess I better fork over.

I still need to figure out capone too...he is back in the office cuz I was too worried about something going sideways with him in the house while I was working so much over the holidays. I will try to figure out a house plan for him that can work.

once again I want to thank everyone who came in over the holidays to help look after the crippled crew, thank you, thank you, thank you!

and as the new year starts..i think that is all of the old news.


Kevin B

We have changed the goat diet to half a scoop twice a day to try and keep Gilbert's weight under control, they still get the same amount of apple. As much as it sucks, Gilbert is not allowed to have any more stud muffins or treats, for his best interest. We don't want him to get skinny but the heavier he is the less mobile he will be and his pain will only increase with his weight.The weight would not be an issue if it wasn't for the constant hoof problems. If anyone likes giving him treats, just give him a scratch or groom him instead, he deserves the extra attention.


It was sad to hear that Wanda just missed a great forever home, regardless of how limited her time was. When someone has a home in sight then dies before they reach it, I find it extremely heartbreaking.
Terrific news about Martha, I've been lobbying for her. Now we need to find Bea and Sage a great home.
As for Gilbert, I clearly recall when he arrived in the back seat of Angelina's Tercel. He was wearing a purple cast on his leg. I still have the pictures of his arrival.
I highly doubt he would fit in the back seat of a car very easily nowadays.

Brenda Mc

Yay Brent - I fight with that gate every Suunday - and last week I ended up putting Tina in the laundry area with Owen for awhile, so I didn't have to worry about her - because she was insisting on squishing her little body thru the gate so she could get to Mo out in the barn in the pouting rain. It'll be great to have a proper gate there.
(Now I feel stupid complaining about the gate when I only have to deal with it once a week, but I will appreciate the improvement)


Carol, I built a 2X4 door frame at work {similiar to the one you have between the entrance and the kitchen} I just need to attach the wire you have at Saints. This Sunday I will replace the crappy useless gate from your bedroom to the big dog room with something that actaully fits and works.

Bunny Horne

Gilbert is the nicest animal ever. I LOVE him to bits. My first day volunteering (3 + years now) I went into his stall to give him some hay. I had been told he was having a really tough day and could barely move. The only goat I had ever seen in my entire life was the ones that eat your purse or sweater at petting zoos or at the PNE. I put the hay in his stall and he just looked at me. I was worried he was too sore to reach it so I grabbed some and bent down to put some hay closer to him. He made a weird sound and I looked up, he looked me right in the eyes and put his lips on my face and spoke to me. I felt he was talking to me and thanking me. He has had such challenges over the years and yet he is kindest sweetest animal and one of my favorite SAINTS.