Rescue Journal

billy was euthanized today

Carol  ·  Jan. 2, 2014


he has been having a really hard time lately, the vet was questioning if he had a brain tumor. I think in retrospect he may have had one of the bunny abcess's inside his skull cavity because something burst the other day and has been draining out his left nasal passage. today billy could no longer eat and his balance was off so much, he started to fall over. it was time to let him go. he was a very sweet and gentle rabbit.

rest in peace billy, you will be missed.



Oh NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am devastated.. Our lovely Billy, he was the Biggest Sweetheart..

Ray and Leia will be heartbroken and miss their snuggle bunny best friend Billy..

Billy's Head Tilt was progressing it broke your heart to watch his difficulties but he did the best he could . And we loved him and cared for him the best we could .

Hope your hopping around and eating all your favorite veggies and apples in heaven our Rest in Peace our gentle giant Big Billy will will miss you always.


billy was the last of the bunnies to receive marilla's legacy of such gentle kindness..marilla to clover and maple to puff, pouf and spiffy and finally to billy.
it is the end of a pretty special compassionate bunny dynasty. so sad.


Just read the blog. I'm heartbroken. Billy really has had a rough time in the last few weeks with his head tilt problems. Through it all, he was always sweet natured and affectionate, and loved to snuggle with Leia and Ray. The bunny room won't be the same without him. We will miss you so much little one. You will always be remembered. Rest peacefully.


I'm sorry to hear about Billy. He really was a sweet and gentle little guy. I remember when Ray was introduced to his area and Ray was being a major jerk. Billy was not at all aggressive with him but simply accepted Ray.
I think it was Billy's calm and patient manner with him that taught Ray he didn't need to bully the other rabbits.