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Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2014

I don't know how folks can rescue with a whole bunch of rescuing rules. I am not talking about rules around things like adoption applications, reference/home checks, who has a good enough fence..i mean the rules around who you can and cannot rescue.

may god strike you dead if you walk past some freaking slimey greedy pet store and see the same pup grow from 8 weeks, to 12 weeks, to 16 weeks, to 20 weeks inside a cage and finally on the last walk by you just can't stand it anymore and buy the poor bugger just to get him out of that cage.

(I never go near stores that sell pets cuz I know damn well I might not be walking out alone!)

and maybe god should also strike you dead if you even think to pull some poor dog out of the states high kill shelters...apparently it is ok to adopt some of our dogs down below the border because that gate only swings out not in. the prevailing logical thought is helping a dog out from another country doesn't solve the problems going on there.

(well really, my experience in helping a gazillion senior dogs out in BC hasn't done a goddamn thing as far as solving the homeless senior animal problems up here either!)

some say do not take in owner surrenders..MAKE them be responsible for their own pets and mistakes.

(I think if they are dumping the dog anyway, they ain't agreeing to be responsible and the dog will most likely get the lousy end of the stick.)

don't take in animals you don't know anything about (cuz if you don't know anything to start with, you will then of course be too stupid to learn.)

(good thing I never paid attention to this rule or our chickens, ducks, turkey, goats, sheep, llama, pigs, cows and horses would have been totally screwed.)

never take in a dog that bites because you can be sued.

(I like this one cuz I have taken in lots of biting dogs, and I have been threatened with lawsuits a few times too...but never because of a biting dog..always because someone wants something from here that they are not actually entitled to.)

dog rescuers don't rescue cats.

cat rescuers don't rescue pigs.

rabbit rescuers don't rescue horses.

sheep, cow rescuers..(oh wait there are no sheep or cow rescuers around here....too bad about that.)

all the "a rescuer shall nots" me a headache.

I think a rescuer rescues animals when ever, where ever they can.

and when they can't? they feel like crap. but they didn't NOT do it because of a rule..they did not do it because they couldn't do it right then.

god bless all animal victims everywhere and rule-less rescuers too.



I love you Carol Hine! :-)

Yes, yes, yes. Totally agree with this. Compassion knows no borders and that includes those blurry lines between species.

SAINTS rescued animals who needed rescuing and then made it their business to educate themselves on what those animals needed. This is top-notch rescue work in my opinion.


janet nicholson

Keep on marching to your own "Rescue tune" Carol - it sounds like the best one to me - and to all the animals you hare rescued.