Rescue Journal

for daph

Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2014



i've always loved seeing Daphne's photos. the most photogenic doggley i've ever seen. <3


On a completely different subject, Carol, I was just playing around on the internet and Googled the official Mission, BC website. There's a selection of photos in and around Mission, and there's one of you with Ziggy and one of the cows!!! Your fame precedes you!!

Bunny Horne

Jenn, it's beautiful. Too many tears..... The barn folk really really do miss you. RIP Daphne.

heidi wagner

that was touching...and showed what an amazing life she had!! RIP


What a beautiful tribute to sweet Daphne. Sleep peacefully dear little dog.


Absolutely lovely and a great tribute to a big - little dog - dear Daphne!!

Barb H

That little dog obviously had a huge prescence in your heart, thanks for sharing.


what a great tribute to daph she was a very sweet dog carol, you will keep her in your heart forever


ooops..sorry..i made it private cuz I thought then only blog folks could see it. I changed it to public so now it might work.


When I clicked on the link, it said it was a private video and to sign in. ???