Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2014

ted Z is negative for both cushings and thyroid disease which quite frankly shocked me. he is currently battling a very serious skin infection and we are hoping that there is not something really ugly underneath (like skin cancer) that will prevent him from getting well again.

Curtis has settled in well here...he has his first vet check tomorrow.

Ollie goes in for his stim testing tomorrow to see if he has cushings disease (I am betting he does but then I was wrong about tedz)

not sure if rosie is eating I will check her again in the morning to see if she ate over night. she took a swat and a snarl at me today when I was putting some temptations into her hidey hole. anyway..not settled yet.

new dog coming in from animal control in the next couple of days..looks like a JRT cross in the pic...ancient, cataracts, almost toothless and the four or so teeth he has, all need to come out. his name is "salty" (that's a pretty good name!)

laura lost her saints foster dog marie today, she was very elderly and has been ill now for quite a while. so sorry laura for your loss of her, she was a very good and sweet little dog. rest in peace marie.



I dropped Salty off with Dionne. I think he looks like a rat terrier. Cute little guy.


Carol, I will be at work at 8 tomorrow as I am taking Fairlane in to get groomed :)


i am so sorry laura it always is so hard to lose our beloved friends. rip marie you were in a very good home


Oh laura..i am so sorry to read of Maries passing..she was lucky to have found her way into your home and heart .


Many of you may not remember her she wasn't at Saints long before she joined my gang. Marie came to my home about 2 yrs ago….after I lost my Saints poodle Kristie there was such a void and one of the new arrivals to Saints was another spunky poodle. Marie for sure had personality…I'm not sure who was the bossiest at eating time Marie or Suzie…but they loved the who can be the loudest competition. She also loved to boss my big boys Buca & Murphy around…they knew to respect their elder :) Thank you again Carol for giving me the privilege of having her in my family….I loved her deeply and she will be very missed…..


Condolences to you and your family Laura. Thank you for providing Marie a wonderful retirement home.


So sorry Laura for your loss. You are a wonderful source of comfort and love to the SAINTS animals that become a part of your family.