Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2014


luna is arriving 10;15 Monday morning at airco..I am free to get her BUT..i get lost in a closet (esp. far away closets!) AND need help hauling her around in her crate. is anyone free to go with me and navigate????

isn't she beautiful????



Beautiful..stunning really..and I do see some Maude in her. Look forward to meeting her.

shelagh f

ok, call you about lunch time.

Airco is out at the Vancouver airport, Kevin. Its
a freight airline, and most of the dogs and cats
sent from the north seem to come there. Too bad
they couldn't come to Abbotsford, YVR is not close
to anyone.

Kevin B

What is airco? I can do it if someone is able to fill in for me while I am out.

Debra now in Malaysia

Luna looks beautiful .... All the best in your new home, Luna .


She's gorgeous - looks like she's smiling. She must know she coming to Saints!!

shelagh f

hi, I can get her. Been to Airco before. Is there
going to be any fog involved?