Rescue Journal

good day!!

Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2014

we had a really good day here today, despite the pissing down rain (I can say that because except for the dog run, I stayed inside again today! no need to think that is grossly unfair, I will get my share of soaking wet at barn bedtime tonight.

anyway..the house had a ton of great folks in today...everything was done including feeding before 11 am, that meant folks could take some time to cuddle and play. Brenda was laying on the bed with roxy and gertie playing and chewing on each other around Brenda's throat..Brenda is brave!

roxy bit a small child..she was in her pen but the sweet little girl reached in to pet her. luckily the skin was not broken but roxy is still a very bad girl!

poor odie got stepped on at least three times today...we REALLY need to be careful not to step on him, it pisses him off.

everything is all arranged for luna's transport here. I am really excited..i know this will not be all that easy, she has quite a few problems and some big adjustments to make but i think we will eventually make it together ok.

I think that daphne would be happy that the great love I had for her hasn't been left to wither away in sadness and loss. I think she would be happy that my heart was so big and full because of her that it is more than able to share that love with another helpless and troubled young dog.

in the bedtime arms remain full of tina, jerry, crazy horse, gertie, hilda, bernie, a couple of fat beagles and a bed hogging pit bull.



hey i have no problem with more people in the house sat the more the merrier. there is always something to do. and brenda yes u were a brave girl to sit on the bed with the 2 little biters lol good for you.


I had promised another volunteer I would post the recipe I use when making treats for the guys at SAINTS… my apologies for it taking so long…thanks for your patience

Easy Peesy Yummy Tuna ( or whatever ) treats

In a bowl mix

1 and ½ cups flour
2 eggs
2 cans tuna ( do not drain ) when I use other can meat chicken, turkey I will add a little water or oil for moisture
½ cup parmesan cheese

Smoosh out in a well-greased 9x13 pan, bake at 350 for 20/25 min, allow to cool, use pizza cutter to slice up as you see fit.

Brenda Mc

I'm so thrilled to have some extra folks in on Sundays finally. It's been tough with just Carla and me most of the time - Now we have Jennifer, Edward and Liam (one family), and then Carla and Areina and me. Yes, maybe it's a lot of folks in the house, but it was great to be thru the cleaning early and fill up all the bins of food and litter, and do some extras, and still have time to enjoy some one-on-one time with the animals. A real treat!


check with me first before you grab her renee..i will call them early and see if we can switch in mac instead, he needs his face looked at.


Carol I will be at work early tomorrow, I am taking Bobbi in to the vets for 8:30.


there were 6 people cleaning in the house today, it stands to reason that everything was done early. it is not a competition, it is not personal. it had nothing to do with anything except it was nice the animals got some extra cuddles and playtime with all of the extra folks in today. it is unfortunate that Saturdays folks have specifically asked Nicole only book 2 or 3 people in here, apparently too many people is stressful...can't have it both ways.
and lets try to get over the mirror yesterday..the mirror was disgusting with dried sludge from the mat cleaning dripping all over and down it. I have cleaned it so it no longer looks gross, I said the tour folks got to see that and it should have been cleaned up as soon as the mats were done.
if you would like to discuss this further and in a more appropriate place, you know where to find me.


I love the picture in my head of Brenda and McScratch having a play session ...Thanks for that. He is such a cool dog..a real treasure

Brenda Mc

Yeah, it was so nice to actually have some time to just hang out with the dogs after cleaning was done - and I was thinking "this is not a good idea" when I was laying on the bed with Roxy and Gertie playing with each other across my throat; but Roxy seems to have come to some kind of acceptance of me, (after initially biting me), and she actually comes and cuddles now, - if I let her come to me, and don't force attention on her. I'm still not totally trusting of her, but I can say that I really do like the dog now.
Oh, and Scratch and I had a play session for the 1st time today on Carol's bed - which initially made me nervous, due to the low throat growl and barking that he does when playing; but after Carol assured me that that's how pitty's play, I was fine until he got carried away on my fingers - you really need a toy close to put in his mouth when playing with Scratch, but I love him - he is a doll!


I'm so happy for both of you that you are getting another dog, hope it goes well. She reminds me of Tyra.

I am available for transport etc. if you ever need a hand with that...

I haven't got the wheel fixed but will do it this week and hopefully be out next weekend. My neighbours want to come out for the tour. They are massive animal people (they already have can't take anymore). Their daughter is taking the vet tech course in Kamloops and wants to do shelter work.

If anyone knows of a dog that can use a canine cart (like Chances)for a large dog let me know.