Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2014

wrong twice in a row and about both of our new fat beagles!

Ollie is negative for both cushings and thyroid...the vet says we have a very fat beagle with very bad skin. another shocker! that dog got to 60 pounds just by eating??? wow Ollie, talk about extreme beagleness.

bernie's bloodwork came back not too bad so she is cleared for her dental, I will see if I can get her in this week while I am still on vacation.

sometimes I look at tedz and I think I see a slight improvement..other times I look at him and think I don't. we were supposed to give him a weeks trial to see if the antibiotics helped him and if they didn't, accept that there is most likely an underlying tissue type cancer and just let him go. the problem is with the week almost over... he is toddering on that is it better or not fence so I am not sure which way he will go.

morgan clipped mac in the face last week...they were boxing over one of the hidey holes..yesterday jenn noticed mac's face and eye were really swollen..i started him on antibiotics and eye ointment..this morning it looks a tiny bit better.

both salty and kirk are settling in really well.

rosie is still hiding but she is eating so that is ok, she can venture out when she is ready.

it looks like the ringworm out in the barn has spread to chevy and ziggy..this is going to be an absolute nightmare to control and get rid of until the weather dries up. it is just so wet out there. note to myself..the next time we do major ground excavations, don't do it in wet and mucky weather. hmmm...I wonder how much they would hate being shut in the barns for a couple of weeks?..most likely that would be an even bigger nightmare.

what to do????...oh what to do????

ripples in the pond...when figuring out solutions, try to be careful to not create more problems.

the issue of course is I am well versed on controlling and treating ringworm INSIDE of shelters but outside in wet barnyards? that has me stumped..never had to deal with that before.

well..i guess I better haul my butt up and get moving around stuff to do. hopefully it is a good day around here.


Cathy Thomas

If I can suggest checking Mac's teeth. I had a dog bang heads with another. A few days later his nose and part of his face has swollen. It turned out he had broken a canine tooth. We had to have it extracted.


lol...she just was doing the same with tammy a few minutes ago then flipped her lid again, and tammy is dripping blood from her face. continue to use caution folks, she is not quite over her meltdown yet.


Rosie came out of her hidey place today, and was just sucking up the affection. I went in to see her after finishing with the bunnies, when no-one else was around. She came straight out of her bed, and was walking around rubbing herself against the blankets and all over me, loving the strokes and hugs. She seemed confident and was purring. Maybe she's starting to feel at home already? She's a really gorgeous little cat.