Rescue Journal

i literally just crawled out of bed...

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2014

this was the only day of this week of vacation that I could sleep in, so I did until 0830...nice.

for those that are interested, there is a compassionate fatigue seminar coming up in the next month or so for people involved in animal welfare, I have the dates/details if someone(s) want to go.

personally, I am not all that interested, I do not get tired of being compassionate to animals. but if someone ever puts on a bullshit fatigue conference..i will be there.

one step forward, two steps back. the whole shifting of dogs thing is so in tune with the ripple effect. there are always key and minor players to any move. capone is a big one, he shot the crap out of a pretty big move. someone like salty is a minor player, he can be pretty much wherever he wants to be because his only issue in anything is wanting to be with me. that I can easily do.

I have been wanting a nice hot bath since bedtime last night but had to wait until this morning for the staff to be here...I just cannot remove myself from luna for more than a very few short minutes without someone to keep an eye and ear tuned in to her.

she really is a quite a mindful of dog. a new learning curve is happening for her and for me.

well I better go have that nice hot bath, dennis is coming at noon..he is one of my nursing buddy friends son and has offered to do some fix me up things in the house plus I really want to bake bread today. for some silly reason, it helps ground me when everything around me is totally nutz.



it is a temporary ripple Helga until we get capone settled out...quite frankly tho, the worst thing we can do with those little biters is give them free treats..they should have to work for things until they develop some respect for people and refrain from biting.


One bit of the ripple effect: when I dropped a basket of laundry off in the MP room all the little guys were lined up at the gate waiting for a treat (I gave them all some homemade dog cookies on Sunday)but with the beagles there now, Dionne said it would set off a food riot. So the cookies went back into my pocket while I apologized to the crew

Bunny Horne

Baking Bread - yum - save a loaf for me. When I dropped off 1000 Saints money to Maggie on Sunday we picked up 1 foot long sub and 1 6" sub for lunch. I unwrapped the foot long and called out to Maggie in the kitchen "here's your sandwich". Sam happy as can be grabbed my half and woofed it down. He was a one happy Sam. Maggie commented how hungry I must have been since I inhaled my sandwich or rather SAM-WICH. I see Quiznos is now selling 9" sandwiches - next time I will buy my SAM-wich there.