Rescue Journal

so luna and i are making great progress

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2014

my arms are scratched to shit and bleeding and my butt has a few bruises from her trying to grab me to hump me (but I won't let her)and her nipping my ass from behind. it occurs to me that luna does not have a clue about appropriate interactions with humans. she is like an highly anxious and hyperactive puppy wanting so badly to make friends with me and the small dogs but going about it in all the wrong ways. oh well, I suppose I can spare a few drops of blood here and there while she learns new ways to make friends. Leila and Sheila stopped in tonight and they agree, luna is stunningly beautiful (and totally messed up in the head!)

chris popped into Surrey AC and met our new old lumpy girl 'lola" who is coming here on Friday. she said she is sweet and a perfect match for saints so that is really good news!

bobby is doing wonderfully...he is playing with toys, happy and perky and utterly too freaking cute. he is a bit of an ass around food and guarding his space around me but nothing we can't easily deal with.

we tried to start scratch on cartrophen injections..that went over like a lead balloon. scratch apparently takes great offence to needles being shoved into him even if they are for his own good

well I am still quite tied to my room so I guess I better get back in there. tomorrow I am going to trial luna supervised out in the yard and hope to god I don't lose her.



go ahead and laugh cam...not too many people are brave enough to bite my ass..i have a very brave dog!


poor little girl, is she from a mill? or one of those poor babies born in a stall in a barn and never let out?


You have a nice mix of dogs at SAINTS Carol all in the right place. The dogs were not all high stress barky because some new people came in. They all settled quietly. Luna is lovely and I sure she will figure it out - better make sure I don't steal her from you.


years ago I dog-sat for a friend's golden who was a runner. I used a lunge line from a neighbor's barn and it worked very well. maybe one would help you with miss luna.