Rescue Journal

great teachers

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2014

I am pretty darn happy with my two new family dogs..both present various challenges in getting them safely and happily adjusted to my odd sort of life. but both of them bring to me something really quite special and well worth working out the various kinks. the question becomes, will I ultimately give to them a life that they feel is well worth the effort on their parts too.

we pretty much always forget that our relationship with animals is a two way street. and that is why so many animals end up tossed out into the vicious cycle of trying find a permanent home...over and over again. we can easily list their failures...but how well to we honestly list our ownÉ

(sorry, no question marks today..that blasted É thing is back again!)

for me..this is the great thing about taking in rescued is not because I am an angel and I in my almighty-ness can fix them. it is because if given a decently fair chance and if the damage is not into their very bones and souls unreachably deep...they can and will heal themselves to a great extent. they are so much better at healing their broken parts than we are and so they inspire me.

I CAN be as good at living as they are...I do not have to forever wallow in self misery...I just have to chose hope over defeat.

animals are great teachers for me.



???? yay michelle! way to give me a fix it for dummies solution!! i must be blind cuz I couldn't find whatever it was kevin was talking about.

the ringworm thing will be ongoing for quite awhile magic quick control shift cure for it. so keep on washing of hands and changing of clothes as soon as folks get home. prevention is 9/10ths of the cure.

Bunny Horne

Great news on your new dogs. Glad they are settling into the environment - I'm sure it must be somewhat overwhelming for all concerned.

Any up date on the ringworm that has been in the barnyard. I saw on Sunday that Ziggy as well had some spots.


The É thing I had before and figured out it is the keyboard's language settings. Look for a mini keyboard showing on your screen, click it and change to US language, should fix that. Took me a while to figure that one out.