Rescue Journal

sigh..on a lunatic break.

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2014

I wonder if I amputated her front feet if getting slugged by her stumps would hurt as much as her needle nails slashing across my skin?

she just got me in the tender part of my arm pit...that freaking hurt!

every time I yell 'that freaking hurt!!!' which recently, I am doing a lot! she looks at me in bewildered bafflement.

she is a really smart dog and I know she can understand at least one word in English cuz she hears it so much along with some pretty clear painful body language.....OUCH!

come on luna put two and two together...rake me with your nails and suddenly I am in pain.

you guys getting tired of hearing it yet?

too bad..i am living it.

I might have liked her better when she wanted nothing to do with me.

ok break over, back to the looney bin where my new dog gets to rip my arm pit with nail needles because...?

oh...I don't know the "because"..... maybe she does.

and yes I still like her, I just am not too fond of her feet.