Rescue Journal

pillow talk

Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2014

I have to say luna is a better bed pal than say jerry who bites me if I suddenly startle him in his sleep or starts a war if anyone decides to step over me to his side of the bed. she is a much better bed buddy than scratch who snores and farts and has to absolutely be pushed up against my back so I freaking can't move.

when luna calms and comes to bed to curl up and snooze...she is soft, she is gentle, she lies close enough that I can stroke her silky fur and play with her feet and her ears but not right on top of me so I can't move or breathe...she is quite simply a lovely and polite drowsy bed buddy girl. I just have to figure out how to get late night peaceful luna-moon to take over wide awake and deadly feet loonie-tunes, then all will be good.

bobby has settled right in...even in the deepest and darkest part of the nights when he is tucked up against me I do not mistake him for daphne.. he feels different against me. so this is good, bobby is not her replacement because no one can ever replace that very special girl. but he is still incredibly comforting to sleep with and I do feel better having him here, like some kind of balance is once again in my world.

well..i slept in late, better get moving...need to get the van into aircare, and renew the insurance this morning.

oh and I should take it thru the car wash to get the green slime removed...been meaning to do that for like the last year...time really does fly when you are having such fun in rescue.



I met Bobby n Luna today..OMG..i love love love Bobby what a doll..i am not at all familiar with the Doxie breed..but i must say..i think i like a whole lot....Luna...OMG.she is beautiful beyond words but holy smokes of luck Carol..stock up on bandages :-)


I just need her to settle with me a bit more and I will most likely be able to trim her nails myself at night when I am playing with her feet...I would never get boots on her, she'd flip. the staff can't even get advantage on her neck..i am going to try that tonight when she is less suspicious.


what if you put shoes or booties on her?? it may help with the needle nails??


bobby is a black and of the midsized models..inbetween daph and the full sized guys.


Not quite related to this post, Carol, but I thought you would appreciate the efforts of this food-obsessed beagle: