Rescue Journal

hope always floats

Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2014

lucky little nickie is not dead...she got my keyboard cord wrapped and twisted around her neck last night...I will duct tape it and the mouse cord to the desk today so that cannot happen again.
who'd have thought? I never did. and thank you god for letting me wake up to a scared dog instead of a hanged dog..i would have lost my mind over that.

I think lola would like to go home but even tho she has had many homes in her life, she hasn't any homes left. that sucks.

folks may be wondering if I exaggerate luna...well no I ain't. they also may be wondering if I am not exaggerating her, how much I can take?

well lets see...I have a new dog who belongs solely to me...she is smart, she is beautiful, when she is calm and not anxious, she has a lovely personality....she has a ton of potential to be the perfect dog for me...why would I not suck it up and work thru the bumps in the road? when she settles down and will think...I am going to have an amazing dog and everyone will be jealous of me!

in a few years I will look back, and she will have matured into an amazing friend for me.



she is an amazingly beautiful dog and seems to have a lot of soul in her. you are both lucky to have found each other. now crap, who does lola remind me of going to bug me until i pinpoint it.