Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2014

I was late getting out for barn bedtime, squirt was seizuring so I needed to wait until he was ok. luckily chris and michelle had it almost done by the time I could get out there.

squirt seizures when he gets too stressed, we had a big tour thru today so maybe it scared him more than usual or maybe he was just due for another because it has been several months since his last. anyway..he is fine again so all is well.

chris was here when luna came in so she was really able to see the changes in her in the past week.

lumpy lola got out for her first barn day today...I think she liked it. we didn't let her stay out too long because I did not want her or kirk to get over tired. but they both enjoyed the time that they had so that was good.

chris also said that Ollie looks like he has lost some weight in the past that is good news! that boy really needs to trim up even a little bit so he can move farther and better...not just back and forth to the food bowls!

we did take the fat beagles out for the field run tonight to help them get into better shape. luke was so funny as he tried to impress luna with how handsome he is...fat little old beagles obviously do not spend much time measuring their stud-ly factor in mirrors. he thought he was pretty hot stuff!

crash is peeing in the house a lot tonight, and they all just came back in from the front yard...hmmm kidneys or bladder or both? I better try to collect a specimen in the morning if I can.

I cannot believe I am back to work tomorrow, where did the last 11 days go?

I don't know but the fact that they are over is sad.



Ugh.. I can't bear the thought of little squirt seizuring... for some reason seizuring really unnerves me..I remember when Gilbert had that horrible episode of continuedd was so hard to witness . Hope Squirt is Ok today


those beagle boys are very very sweet. I look forward to training them hard! haha.

and so nice to see Luna with the big dogs; accepted in to the gang! and the look of love and recognition she gets in her eyes when she sees you so nice. we'll take good care of her tomorrow(;