Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2014

man... there was a lot of poop in the computer room this morning...yikes!

I think it is because I have to lock down the doggy door right now...lola gets out and can't get back in and I do not want her stuck out in the cold while I am sleeping. none of those old guys have very good control and midnight til 6 am is just too long to wait to go...but geez, it sucks to wake up to.

oh well everything is done, including the clean ups and I am dressed and ready to go too...the car is defrosting, the dogs are locked in and the only thing left is to poke the diabetics. I am pretty organized on this first day back to work.

luna is starting to wind herself up..she panics when she feels closed in..not sure how it is going to go when I go out the door to work..hopefully she doesn't flip her lid.

the staff will be here in just over an hour...hmmmm, how much havoc can she cause in 80 minutes. not sure I want to know. this is the first time she will have been left totally alone without anyone around here.

sigh..whatever will be will be but I do have to get going to work now...nervously.



The company that makes the stroller has changed designs and the parts are not interchangeable. They don't have any spare parts but she will keep an eye out for any and send them (free of charge!!)if she comes across any. I still have a couple of emails to bike stores for parts so maybe we will luck out.

It still works and it won't get the same use it did with Trev and I, so hopefully it will do for now. Let me know if it works for your guys as I'd like to replace it, once that one goes.

Hope Luna didn't destroy your place:)